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  1. JeffK

    Specific Combine two images please

    I hope @IamSam allows this second edit since it's the same image. With pineapple crown...:)
  2. JeffK

    Specific Combine two images please

    Here's a try from a non-designer... :)
  3. JeffK

    Humor Golf Ball in mouth

    I don't know why...but I did... :cheesygrin:
  4. JeffK

    Specific Color Correction?

    Full confession - color isn't my strong suit. But I like the story the image is telling so gave it a shot. Although tempted, I didn't change the position of the figures since I don't know how you planned out the cover. Maybe the boy should be turned so he faces the grownup? So edited the color...
  5. JeffK

    Specific Please Remove The Text #3

    A pleasure to help you! :)
  6. JeffK

    Specific Please Remove The Text #3

    The pinkish area was the toughest part for me. Did make the edits but wasn't quite happy how it distracted the eye. Not sure how important that background piece is - but added some additional blur in order to put more emphasis on the product...others may jump in with their visuals...
  7. JeffK

    Specific Remove Text #2

    Just post the second one separately! :)
  8. JeffK

    Specific Remove Text #2

    Apologies - can only edit one image per post per forum rules... :)
  9. JeffK

    Specific Removing a plant on the left side

    @nantrax - my apologies to you for the above edits. I didn't realize it wasn't you asking for the above changes... :thinking:
  10. JeffK

    Specific Removing a plant on the left side

    Thank you for the kind words and compliments. :) For the change, I filled in the corner - not sure if you wanted to keep a dark corner... As shot... with some sharpening of the bird... So I
  11. JeffK

    Specific Removing a plant on the left side

    As shot with only the areas mentioned edited out.... As above but with slight sharpening of the bird...
  12. JeffK

    Paid I need to be in an ICU bed-75$

    Be glad to help with a 50% down payment up front...refund available minus handling fee...😎
  13. JeffK

    photoshop latest update.

    If you're having trouble with the newer version, you can install an older version and either keep the new version or delete it. You can have more than one version on your desktop. I've done that to make sure I'm happy with the updates. Full disclosure - I'm a couple versions behind since I'm...
  14. JeffK

    Specific Put cake on table or splice pics together

    Worked on this a bit last night..another version... And cropped:
  15. JeffK

    Specific Lense dust distortion edit

    OK - pushed the blacks a bit more and also worked on the ceiling to try and even it out....
  16. JeffK

    Specific Lense dust distortion edit

    Took a try at it...probably could use a bit more work...
  17. JeffK

    Paid Suggested changes to the paid forum.

    Agree with @IamSam on all points. There's no way to enable some compensation for those projects that just go down a blind alley. And certainly PG shouldn't be the banker for any down payments for work done. Customers walking away from projects is no new challenge. Having come away from they...
  18. JeffK

    Paid Help remove part of a denture

    Nothing heard on my end...
  19. JeffK

    Black paint overlap

    Is it possible you can supply us an image - or part of - to give us a visual? Note - try not to erase - use masking...
  20. JeffK

    Paid Could someone put me outdoors?

    Another version...