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    Newbie from Sweden

    Yes i am newbie with photoshop. My special interest is: sci-fi,Star wars etc. I have always used freeware software like Gimp and Blender but i needed better quality for my works,thats why i choose photoshop. And now have a nice day :mrgreen:
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    Planet city lights for 3d application

    Hi! I have now created planet surface map (8k), and other files for Blender/3DS Max. I created that map with Fractal Terrains v3. So i need now create city lights for that planet. Any ideas how to make those "cities"? :banghead: I put here planet surface map so you can see what i have made.
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    3D Displacement map for 3d

    Thank you for your answer. It was me who is thinking too complicated :bustagut:
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    3D Displacement map for 3d

    Hi! I need advice for how to create sci-fi displacement maps for 3D software. Like 3DS Max and Blender (I have used Blender last 10 years). Is it there script for this kind of work? I put here example image so you can see what i mean. :cry: