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    Specific First Annual Audi S6/7/8 RS7 Event Banner

    aahhh ... so it's not, my confusion ... it's the 2019 A7 ... but I'm not an Audi guy so they all look the same to me - HA!
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    Specific First Annual Audi S6/7/8 RS7 Event Banner

    proportioned to 800x500.
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    Specific First Annual Audi S6/7/8 RS7 Event Banner

    Is 800x500 pixels the actual and correct size you need for the banner?
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    How to help with effects

    relatively easy process: Photoshop: 1. get a silhouette of a human body and fill in the color of your choice. 2. Use the magic wand tool to select the entire silhouette (mask). 3. go to "SELECT > MODIFY > CONTRACT" and choose how many pixels to contract the mask. 4. Add a new layer and fill the...
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    Specific Remove flare please

    that annoying flash artifact might just be a piece of dust or grease on the lens.
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    Specific Tune squad remake request

    Glad you are happy with it, I noticed a couple of things that could have been better (a bit of red near the "a" in "squad", and the letters "am" in Cam were a bit short), so they are corrected in this version. No, I do not have classes, just a fun hobby. ps - I love you, too
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    Specific Can someone please add snow to background? :)

    Won't be able to get to it this morning, may be able to tonight. You may have others provide work in the meantime.
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    Specific Help recreating graffic?

    quickly done ... gotta go to work ... .png file with transparent background (some points need aligning)
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    Creative Pirate Invite

    toned down the warmth a bit, added a few coins ...
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    Creative Pirate Invite

    I'm not too good at following directions ... I sailed completely off the chart.
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    Creative Pirate Invite

    Do you REALLY want "Grub and Greg"? or did you mean "Grub and Grog"?
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    Specific Could someone please put these 2 photos in Vector format please.

    formatted as .png files with transparent backgrounds
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    Specific Photoshop in the Eyes

    credit to IamSam for the eye work.