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    Let's see your work so we can offer you some help.
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    Inserting an image into a new image

    Hello and welcome to PSG. In one document you should have two being the background layer (flowers)............and the second being the image of the woman. If you select the woman's image layer, you can use free transform to "resize" her head. On the woman's layer, add a...
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    Name that font

    Try this image......... What the Font.
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    Name that font

    Just so you know, this is what most of us do when we need to identify a font. You can do this as well. We do a Google, or similar search engine search, on methods of identifying fonts. Then we use any of the resulting websites to search for the font.
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    Tilting bulding

    In Ps, make a strategic selection of the object...... Use Free Transform to rotate.... Clean up with the Clone Stamp Tool.
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    Tips on making a Clipart Wreath

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Basically this is what you would do, make a circle as a guide that will be turned off later, gather all of your images and then arrange then in that circle, masking if necessary. No. The example you provided above has a white ellipse shape with an added drop...
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    Tilting bulding

    It's an optical illusion tricking your eye. Everything is straight.........
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    How can I do this coloring effect?

    OK, see if I'm understanding you. Original Here I used "Color Range" to make a selection of a particular shade of grey shading on the original. I used the the selection to copy that particular shade to a new layer (selection layer). Then I added a "Solid Color Fill" layer clipped to the...
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    How can I do this coloring effect?

    Hello and welcome. Can you provide a sample image that you would like to apply this effect to?
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    Specific Remove boots/shoes and add bare feet

    For our forum members maybe??? But a good point. I think the OP was aware of his misconception since he asked that question on SE over a year and two months ago. But I also see that he did not reply so I'm basing my observation on the assumption that he read the replies. I would also assume...
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    How to create a Hairspray Tracy Face

    Nice work. Remember that the wig of the original photo is quite different than that of the one your actress is using. The original wig seems to have had light blonde streaks. I would like to see where you are with the project. Keep us in the loop.
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    Smoothing out the sky

    Disregard my previous statement. Yesterday I was able to re-create your problem in a document that I have since deleted. Today I can't reproduce the same result in a new document. I'm not sure what the difference was. As long as you have it working, then that's all that matters.
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    Removing/reducing grain in part of an image

    What size and resolution is the actual image that your trying to edit?
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    How to help with effects

    This works for one color but doesn't seem to work with multiple colors and it's in reverse. Reversing the gradient only causes blurriness.
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    How to help with effects

    Carl beat me to it so I will just add this. Once you have your original silhouette isolated, use that as your starting point for making your initial selection by holding command and clicking on the layers thumbnail, then use the SELECT > MODIFY > CONTRACT to reduce the size of your selection...
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    Specific Tune squad remake request

    Here is a PSD file from Polarwac that you can use yourself to make any "squad" image you desire.
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    How to create a Hairspray Tracy Face

    Here's a quick example of the face white. Original... After white..... Layers panel.
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    How to create a Hairspray Tracy Face

    It all starts with a good high resolution image of the actress in proper lighting with a white background. In Ps, it's just masking, color overlays, blending modes, and some Brush Tool work. Fairly easy............even for a beginner. You just need to do your homework. If you get stuck, let...