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    Merging tones

    it's not easy to make a soft transition with a gradiënt mask because there is not a lot of free place between them I would do it by placing 4 dots with a brush and 2 rectangles and blur them until you have a soft transition but you have to use mask on the group of dots , so they won't affect...
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    Specific Thesis request

    here you are
  3. colleague

    Actions Color Change

    if you open the window 'color' you can click on the foreground " icon" to make the colorpicker change foreground colors in stead of background colors
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    Challenge#68: Steampunk me!

    here is my try
  5. colleague

    "Save As" dialog issue in batch process

    what if you delete the "save..." command in the action and make the output go to a new folder
  6. colleague

    Specific Blaze font

    here is Caleb
  7. colleague

    Combining two layer masks

    oh wait , you have to invert the selection so it's 1) select the mask of layer 1 (ctrl + click) 2) invert the selection 3) select the mask of the car and fill with black
  8. colleague

    Combining two layer masks

    Hi 1) select the mask of layer 1 (ctrl + click) 2) select the mask of the car and fill with black
  9. colleague

    Combining two layer masks

    maybe selection of mask 1 is bigger then selection of mask2 maybe selection of mask 2 is half transparent , if opacity < 50% you will not see the selection-ants you can also do 1) select the mask in the Layer panel and reveal selection (cmd + click) 2) click on mask 2 and fill this selection...
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    Hi, PS lovers

    welcome to the forum :-)
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    Hi there :)

    welcome to the forum :-)
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    Combining two masks to make one

    you can ctrl + click on the layermask of layer2 to get the selection then click on the mask of layer1 and fill the selection with black then you can delete layer 2
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    All tool bars and side bar tools have disappeared

    do you have the windows for "tools" and "options" enabled (Mod edit: added arrows to clarify)
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    Black & White Restoration

    Hi You could use a curves-adjustment layer but you have to make a mask with a brush that way you can make areas that need more adjustment and areas that need less you can also make different adjustment layers for the black spot and for the white stripe here is a PSD attached...
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    Specific Remove the powder on face

    maybe like this
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    Rubik's Cube Mosaic - Complex Request

    Hi I would use the folowing method 1- bring more detail in the image (with free nik filter ) 2- make the image 72 pixels x 90 pixels 3 - turn into black&white with adjustment laye 4- use posterize adjustment layer to become only 6 colors 5 - use gradiënt with only 6 colors of the cube then...
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    Tool Suggestions

    Hi here is a youtube tutorial
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    Tool Suggestions

    yep , that's it
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    Tool Suggestions

    thanks polarwoc I did not use a selection , i used dodge and burntool with opacity of brush set to 5 or 10 % and sometimes less this way you can build it up very slow
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    Tool Suggestions

    Hi you could use a 50% grey layer with mode "linear light" and dodge where the shirt is dark and burn where the shirt is lighter this could give a different color , therefor you could use a color layer on top here is a psd