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  1. Ross

    Let's See your Animal Hybrids!

    Niiice - the edition of the hat :joy:
  2. Ross

    Let's See your Animal Hybrids!

    I want to see your best animal hybrid manipulations, enjoy this video for inspiration!!!
  3. Ross

    Specific Better Dangerous Dog sign?

    Took a different approach...
  4. Ross

    Any Lebron/Prince/Lakers Fans Here?

    Another Mashup for everyone! As always looking for suggestions
  5. Ross

    Mashup #2 "Momo Jackson"

    As always - looking for feedback/ideas input.
  6. Ross

    Just Launched Photoshop Mashup Series

    I had to look up La Jaconde 😂
  7. Ross

    Challenge Yes or No?

    Although I've only recently joined, and I interested in the challenges - I too just need to find the time. Are the contests happening on a regular basis? Or is there some consistency that I can plan a my schedule around?
  8. Ross

    Just Launched Photoshop Mashup Series

    Thanks - you got any suggestions for new ones?
  9. Ross

    Just Launched Photoshop Mashup Series

    I'd love feedback and any ideas of Photoshop mashups you'd like to see in the future!
  10. Ross

    False Color Infrared Effect w/o the Expensive Gear

    Hey guys, I put out this video a few weeks ago, but I thought it was a fun one that I wanted to share. I've always loved shooting IR photography, but not only is it expensive but also I would run into technical difficulties in the form of hot spots, focus issues, etc. I hope this is of value to...
  11. Ross

    Post Processing Medium Format Film Color Toning?

    I'm not sure if this is allowed - but I just dropped a video this past week on how to reverse color grade images in photoshop...I think this may apply to what you want to achieve... The steps: Step 1 - Degrade your source image with curves adj layer Step 2 - Duplicate that curves layer with...
  12. Ross

    Image overlays

    The way I would approach this is to use the pen tool to make a path around whatever you want to outline. Once the path is complete you could then stroke the path or fill the path.
  13. Ross

    Grouping Selections

    I'm not sure I'm fully comprehending your question, but for what its worth, you can go to the "Select" Menu and then to "Save Selection" and to my knowledge, you can save as many selections that you want. Then if you open your channels window, all your selections should be saved there and look...
  14. Ross

    Specific Electronic shutter banding

    I had a go...I can remove the light if need be
  15. Ross

    Specific Can you make this picture more special?

    Not very realistic, but fun..?
  16. Ross

    Creative Can someone sort of combine/edit these two pictures together?

    Yeah - Second Crop Creative is all my social media/sole proprietorship - I thought joining under my real name here might be worthwhile, but thinking about it now, it might not have been. I can also provide you one without a watermark- I'm not too concerned with the publicity of it. Just let me know!
  17. Ross

    Specific make picture larger, background black, sunglasses red pls

    So you want to extend the original background, without any color adjustments?
  18. Ross

    How to match image colour to background colour?

    I would employ this method as well as utilizing the "Blend If" Dialog in the blending options of said layer (access it by double clicking the layer)
  19. Ross

    Glad to Be Here!

    IAmSam - thanks for the comment, and for cleaning up my post! Highly appreciate it...was trying to run before I could walk