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    Paid LOGO

    Job delivered and paid
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    Specific Remove People

    Do you have any other pic of the same location, doesn't matter if you look good or if you are even in them, but it will help recreate the hidden parts.
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    Specific Fun one

    What's the name of the dog? (I wanted to put his name in graffiti on the wall)
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    Specific Can Someone Faceswap me with my friend?

    This was kind of hard, here is my result, I hope someone does something better.
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    Paid LOGO

    pm sent
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    Glitch effect help

    Sorry I can't be helpful because I've never seen this on Photoshop, but it makes a quite interesting and beautiful piece of art.
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    Specific Can Someone Faceswap me with my friend?

    Do you have a better quality photo of you and in the same angle as your friend so it would look much more natural and less photoshopped?
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    Specific Help! Lighten the sagebrush in this engagement picture

    Yeah I agree, I thought at first he/she wanted the ground to be darker to hide the imperfections, but then I read the thread and it asked for a lighter ground. If the couple is not added to the picture, I would crop the picture so the ground doesn't show so much or darken it even more or any...
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    Specific Help! Lighten the sagebrush in this engagement picture

    I could make it even less dark so let me know.
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    Specific Merging two pictures

    I was trying to remove the light line in the middle, but decided it wasn't worth destroying the picture, but then Argos' reply gave me an idea on how to do so, so here it is.
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    Specific Touchup of old photo

    Cool, these are actually quite interesting, especially for people who are new to photoshop, cuz it makes you learn the corrector tool, the stamp tool, transformation and all the other bases of photoshop. So I recommend anybody who wants to learn photoshop to start with these.
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    Specific Touchup of old photo

    I love this kind of photoshop request and I hope I didn't forget anything.
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    Specific Photoshop the head of my friend onto TinTins body

    Hahahahaha I like the idea. What about this?
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    Paid Closed eyes in picture

    What about this?
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    Specific Help with photo

    What about this?