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  1. colleague

    Challenge Yes or No?

    I like the chalenges too , but sometimes only 2 participants is not very much
  2. colleague

    Combining Actions Layers and Batch commands

    1) Export your layers to files and put them in a new folder If you open that folder , you will see 2) Then you run a batch on that folder with the action you made, to remove the parts on each flile 3) ) Load files into stack , your new PSD will show all layers in the "Layer"- window 4)...
  3. colleague

    Specific Electronic shutter banding

    here is my try
  4. colleague

    Combining Actions Layers and Batch commands

    Hi Mike Load Files Into Stack makes 1 PSD file out of several files, with each file becomes a layer then you go to "animation"-window and choose "make frames from layers"
  5. colleague

    Combining Actions Layers and Batch commands

    do you want a "batch" to do the same action on each layer ? then you can File > Scripts > Export Layers to Files and put all files in 1 folder then you can run the batch and take this folder as source after this batch, you can File > Scripts > Load Files into stack
  6. colleague

    Challenge #69 : Cyborgs

    Congratulations chris :-)
  7. colleague

    Merging two separate paths

    1) use direct selection tool to select both parts 2) take pen-tool and move close to first point and see the cursor change , and then click 3) go with the pen tool and move close to the second point and see the cursor change , and then click do the same for the other points
  8. colleague

    Challenge #69 : Cyborgs

    That 's ok argos , maybe next time :-) We have 2 beautiful shops , good luck to both :thumbsup:
  9. colleague

    Challenge #69 : Cyborgs

    still 4 days to go ...
  10. colleague

    How to remove random pixel from a scanned page

    maybe you can try to use filter > noise > dust&scratches ( radius 2 - treshold 0) and then OCR
  11. colleague

    remove background help

    I would use a "selective color" adjustment layer and choose for adjusting the "Whites" and make the slider for black to -100% (all to the left)
  12. colleague

    Challenge #69 : Cyborgs

    This month's theme is: Cyborgs “Humans must become cyborgs if they are to stay relevant in a future ...” So let us make a cyborg with photoshop for this challenge of the month It can be only the head , or it can be a whole lot more Here are a few examples of what it can look like...
  13. colleague

    Merging tones

    it's not easy to make a soft transition with a gradiënt mask because there is not a lot of free place between them I would do it by placing 4 dots with a brush and 2 rectangles and blur them until you have a soft transition but you have to use mask on the group of dots , so they won't affect...
  14. colleague

    Specific Thesis request

    here you are
  15. colleague

    Actions Color Change

    if you open the window 'color' you can click on the foreground " icon" to make the colorpicker change foreground colors in stead of background colors
  16. colleague

    Challenge#68: Steampunk me!

    here is my try
  17. colleague

    "Save As" dialog issue in batch process

    what if you delete the "save..." command in the action and make the output go to a new folder
  18. colleague

    Specific Blaze font

    here is Caleb