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    Specific Change background colour

    Hi, could you change the background colour to white on both of these, please?
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    Specific Could you please remove the people from the background?

    I don't want to crop the photos, but those people annoy me in the background. Could you please remove them from both photos? Thank you
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    Specific Can you please fix the colours/white balance on this photo

    The colours looks weird on this photo. Could you please fix it? The women wear white dresses
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    Specific Is it possible to add the missing hand & plain background?

    Unfortunately this photo is not framed right and the dancer's hand is cut off :( would it be possible to add a hand for him? Also cut him out from the photo and put him alone on a plain background? Green/Yellow/Purple any colour
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    Specific Electronic shutter banding

    I took this photo with the silent shutter, unfortunately I wasn't aware of its limitations and the photo is ruined by the banding. Would it be possible to fix the lighting on the face, please?
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    Specific Please remove harsh shadow

    Please remove the harsh shadow caused by the flash. thank you
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    Specific Please remove wires

    Hi could you please remove the wire and carabiners from these photos so it looks like he's really flying?
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    Specific Over/underexposed photos

    I have these two photos of me and a friend in Paris. Unfortunately it's either the background or us was properly exposed. Could you please fix / combine so both the background and us look OK? Thanks
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    Restoration please restore these photos

    Could the cracks be removed from these photos? Thanks
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    Specific Copy the autograph to the photo

    Can you please copy the autograph to the photo so it looks like it's a signed one? to the lower right corner if possible. thank you
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    Restoration Can it be cleaned?

    It's an old photo of my father, can it be cleaned, please?