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    removing hair from her face

    Hi Gurus, Any tips or idea how can i clean-up the hair from her face. Any tutorial link is very much appreciated. Thanks so much
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    need help on how to make the subject(man) more realistic to the background

    Hi , Any help ideas is very much appreciated. thanks, Redell
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    creating a smoke/cloud effect

    Hi Photoshop Gurus, How do i create a smoke/cloud effect similar to this But in a red color and second smoke/cloud in blue. Thanks very much! Redell
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    Remove Ketchup & The Hand

    Hi, Is there a technique or maybe a quick tip how can i remove the hand+ketchup blocking the baby? Thanks.
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    how to achieve this effect

    Hello Gurus, I just want to find out on how this effect can be done in Photoshop? Thank you.
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    shadow white around the neclace

    Hello expert Photoshoppers, I need some help/tip on how to clear out the white shadow on the necklace. I added the necklace on the neck...But it seems the whiteness around the jewellery is so annoying. How to remove the whiteness? Thanks.