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    Specific Sky color change plus belt color change

    Made a try with green
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    The beach veteran and the girl in a monokini - Digital illustration

    I love it! If I had to say something will be the splatters in the umbrella, left ear, and duck that i don't completely understand but they don't bother me either so...:cheesygrin:
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    Specific Eyes

    Eyes are so tricky.... every little change it changes the person a lot...The other picture the expression, light, angle it's completely different so it doesn't help much.. but i made a try anyway for fun and to see how close i get to his real face..:laugh:.
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    Specific Resize request

    i always go to google search/images and then drop the picture directly to the search bar, on the first image of the results there are the size options below then I choose big, thats all.
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    Specific Resize request

    In this case, I would use first, google image search for a better starting point :laugh:. That's a great result thebestcpu you used only the image the op provided?
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    Specific Enlarge this picture to 3840 x 2160 resolution in high quality

    I don't know if you use the gigapixel (i can't use it anymore...:()or what you did... but there is something wrong with your try worst than the simple enlargement in photoshop (what i did)
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    Specific Enlarge this picture to 3840 x 2160 resolution in high quality

    As jkemp said when you enlarged a picture it's going to be quality lost, i refined the edges a little but it is what is....
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    Creative Superhero

    You're welcome, glad i could help ^^
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    Creative Superhero

    so sorry to hear that.. hope he gets well soon... something like this?
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    Paid Changes to images - Will pay £20

    Payment received! Job delivered!
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    Specific Photoshop tattoo off and on

    I made a try knowing that it would be almost impossible to make it look decent... removing that tattoo maintaining the same texture and light I don't see how... maybe the best way is to find a similar arm that blend well with this one but I don't have the time for that right now...
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    Hi I’m new to all this

    you're welcome ^^
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    Hi I’m new to all this

    My try
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    Paid Car Photo Edit

    Pm sent!
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    Specific Fun With Fat Pete ..

    I was bored so I made one with a classic movie...omg I'm old.....:rofl::rofl: (i only knew the name so I only did a fast adding it)
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    Specific Fun With Fat Pete ..

    you're welcome ^^
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    Specific Model Re-touch

    I took Iamsam work and touch up a little bit the eyes, removing the red mostly.