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    Specific Please Remove Sandals and people

    Removed and corrected for the sky colour cast to add a bit of warmth.
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    Specific Upscale Graphic

    Downsized JPG. Full size TIFF @ 300 dpi is HERE.
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    Specific Please could someone fix my tie?

    Tie and jacket.
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    Specific Eyes

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    Specific Eye direction or head change

    You are very welcome. Cheers.
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    Specific Eyes

    Here's a couple of perspectives with the eyes of both cuties adjusted .... ... the 2nd with a little less clutter and minor colour changes.
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    Specific Sun beam removal

    You are very welcome. Thanks for the post.
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    Specific Change T-Shirt Color

    Yes. I tried to do that with curves shadowing instead of simply leaving a bit more of the jacket while selecting the shirt.
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    Specific Change T-Shirt Color

    You're very welcome.
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    Specific Remove people in background

    Clone corrections made (thanks again Sam), with both pre-colour saturation and as I submitted.
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    Specific Remove people in background

    Thanks Sam. As for the 'doubling clone', I did not increase the resolution while using the tool and hence the error(s). Note to self. As for the colours, some of it may be a result of the downsizing but mostly, it's the result of my saturation and/or contrast increase. I did this to make the...
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    Specific Remove people in background

    You are welcome.