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    I need help on Background of my logo

    ... like this?
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    Specific remove car in photo

    Argos, don't mind at all ... I also cleaned up the twigs from under the flag ... the twigs kinda make the flag look frayed. Cheers!
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    Specific remove car in photo

    yes, a lot more work than it looks ... another try ...
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    Specific remove sign

    another try ...
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    Layer Styles Pen Fill path is very pixelated when filled in.

    Check the image resolution. Even if 1920x1080 pixels, if the resolution is low (72 dpi), you will get pixelization. I make sure all my images are created at 300 dpi.
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    Advice on retouching.

    Hi, I tackled this in a few different ways ... there are other ways as well. 1. In the upper-left-box area: I drew a mask around the area I wanted to adjust; copied to a new layer; saved the mask; removed the mask; created a new layer below the layer to be fixed; filled that layer with a...
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    Retouch Polish my psd file

    here's another try ... couldn't figure out what font was used for "XIRA BIKE TEAM", so had to improvise.
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    Specific Help to remove writing on an image...

    squared up the envelope and whitened the paper for printing ...
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    Specific Smooth out/remove belly bulge

    agreed! Beautiful photos!
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    Specific Motorbike colours

    quick recolor
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    Specific Convert this to AI Format and transparent background

    2 files attached, one is .AI and other is a smaller .PNG (to meet upload limits). I did NOT clean up the edges after conversion. You can clean up the edges on the .AI file as you wish.
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    Specific Replace John Brown with the Kool-Aid Man

    HA! ... Ooops ... with some saturation adjustment as well ...
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    Specific Removing face paint from character art

    ** LATE ENTRY ** My apologies to IAMSAM for failing to credit him and his amazing work. My submission for the OP's second request was built on the face correction created by IAMSAM. I typically just upload images without comment, but I was significantly remiss to have failed to...