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    Who owns this bulletin board?

    Hi. I haven't participated on this board a lot, but have used it for a resource many times. I was wanting to give something back to this BB, and was wanting to know if the owner would like a copy of "PRISM Album" to use as a prize for some competition they may be thinking about running...
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    wanting a tutorial How make an open book

    Hi all, I'm back. I'm looking for a tutorial on how to make an open book, somewhat like the one on this page Anyone know of one somewhere.
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    Exporting File Info of Multiple Documents HELP!!!

    I need to find a way to export the file info frrom many images back to a word or excel file. Does anyone know how to do it. I can't even get the information out of one image file without the old copy and paste one field at a time, and have several hundred to do. Just to clarify, the info...
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    Link exchanges wanted with Graphic Websites

    I've been studying up about getting your website higher rankings in the search engines, now I have learnt a lot of tricks, but it seems that one of best things you can do is many links coming into your website. Is anyone interested in swapping links, I don't want to get into link farming...
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    Do you Use the single row Marquee tool. What for?

    Does anyone use the single row or column marquee? if so, what for? I've been playing with it on and off the past couple of days, and really can't find a use for it. I get it to make single line selections, and then for no reason I can see it'll stop working, and the selections stop showing, but...
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    Photoshop 7 closes when searching for a file to open

    Photoshop has just started disappearing for what seems like no reason, it doesn't ask you if you want to save what you have changed or anything, it just closes without warning. It happens when I'm looking for a graphic to open, click on the graphic after going into folder inside another...
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    Tool selection driving me nuts

    Somehow my options have changed and I want the old way back..... when I select a tool, any tool with a triangle in the corner, it doesn't matter where I click on that button, I have to actually choose which tool I want, even if it's the one thats showing, once if I wanted the one that was...
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    Where do kb's come from when resaving photos.

    When you save a photo at as a jpg, quality setting 5 medium, close the photo, open it again, and "save as" it at quality setting 12 high, where do the extra kb's in file size come from. I mean I know they were there when the photos was first saved at 12, but they went somewhere when saved at...
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    Making a very hard eraser.

    I would like to make a brush that is very hard edged. eg. I want to be able to erase(or paint for that matter) just one pixel, and have a hard edge (no soft edge on the surrounding pixels) Anyone know how to do this? Lynny
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    Help with separating block colours

    Hi, I am doing some work for a screenprinter, I need to separate the colors in the attached image and print them each out separately as just black in other words a positive for each color. Altho this isn't a good example, I need to select the colours with something thats more precise than the...
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    Type tool won't work Help

    Our Text Tool has stopped working, Here's what happens.... click on the type tool, choose Arial (or any font) click on the canvas a new type layer is added in the layer manager but there's no blinking curser type anyway the words show in the layer manager but not on document Swear...
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    Filling a path with your own texture

    Ok Guru's, how do you load you own textures so you can add them using the edit/fill command. Thanks Also what does edit/fill/history do..... when do you use and and what for?? Lynny
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    Scratch Disk

    Hi, my partner is having problems with brush and eraser presets turning themselves off... when she changes tools, and changes back, the shape of the brush size has changed to the precise mode, when she looks in the preferences it still says she in brush size mode, only way to fix it is to...
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    Recipe for Sepia

    Does anyone have a special way of making a colour or black and white photo, sepia, I have done it a couple of times with tutorials, but can't remember the recipe. Lynny
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    Photo restoration help.

    I have a job to restore a set of Maori Guide photos, I've fixed most of the rips, tears, and stains, but am having a heck of a time when I print the finished photo out, the hair that I've circled is dull and flat, has no texture at all. I've tried all sorts of merges, and varing transparency...
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    Evenly spacing objects

    Hi Guru's, Here's a problem that I just can't find an answer to. I want to make a calendar, and want the squares for the numbers evenly spaced. How would I first make the lines, then make them evenly spaced. I know I could use the guildlines, but figure there must be a better quicker way...
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    whats a Droplet

    Has anyone played with a making a droplet, they sound kinda like an action, I think... well maybe they do, has anyone got any advice before i delve into this realm of PS. Lynny
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    Can you explain file size....

    Why is it that the file size changes so much, why when you open a digital photo in PS, and do nothing, and save it does it get bigger..... ?? Why when you flip it 90degress does it get bigger still?? And when you "save as" at say 7 close it...then open it and "save as" at 10 does it get...
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    Blending a cutout into it's new background.

    Ok, Guru's, share your secrets..... I've been playing with cutouts, you know cutting out tree's or houses or people, and wanting to plant them on new and exciting bckgrounds, and make them look as thou they were there all along..... what are your techiques for blending them in, When we cut...
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    Do you know of a plugin

    I once found a plugin, that you used on a cutout to blend the edges into the new background, so the cutout didn't look like a cutout..... or does anyone have a techique that they use to blend in cutouts... maybe I will ask in the other forum too... Lynny