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  1. VgT

    Render help

    I'm not much good speaking English but thanks for saying and for the tutorial I'm sure it will help me
  2. VgT

    Render help

    Just clean the background and place the render in a green background the effects and treatment I want do myself.
  3. VgT

    Render help

    Hi, I need to render this image, I'm new in render images and I don't know how to render well.
  4. VgT

    Untitled new job

    Thanks for saying guys , I'll try to better this on my next jobs.
  5. VgT

    Untitled new job

    My new job , tips always welcomed , enjoy it (:
  6. VgT

    Anime girl

    Thank you guys.
  7. VgT

    New Photoshop artist

    Hello , welcome , I'm new here too and I'm liking a lot since I've registered , good luck with your jobs.
  8. VgT

    Shark Shirt .. Another Year

    Very nice job , the shapes you used were great , good luck to win.
  9. VgT

    Anime girl

    The girl is Tamaki Ako from "Netgame no Yome wa Onna no Ko ja nai to Omotta?"
  10. VgT

    Anime girl

    Hey guys , that's my new job , enjoy it :D Tips are always welcomed.
  11. VgT

    Fantasy moonlight

    My first job since I've entered here , enjoy it :D
  12. VgT

    New member

    Hello guys , i'm new here , I joined here cause I want to learn all if I can about design and maybe teach what I know , I use photoshop about 2 years and have a lot of thing to discover :P.