color adjustmnets

  1. C

    Specific Add lights and clear up grains.

    Hello! My friend and I took a picture at Ultra Music Festival 2018 in between sets when there weren’t any lights on the stage going off. Could you add colorful vibrant lights to the stage? It’s supposed to be blasting with colors usually if you google it haha. Also, it was kind of dark so it...
  2. blasteralfred

    Refining a pictue

    Hi friends, I am attaching two pictures of same bird. In the first pic (bird1.jpg), the features I noticed are; Color of the beak Purplish tint on the wings Pleasant yellow color behind head Green colour of the leaf In the second pic (bird2.jpg), all the above mentioned features are...
  3. M

    Specific Colour Edit Request - Change Headband Colour

    Can anyone change my daughters headband colour to white to match her shirt or pink to match her jeans. It’s just really bothering me how badly the colour clashes with my sons shirt. Would love to have it framed if I could get it adjusted. Thank you so much.
  4. E

    Change Darker Color to Lighter Color, Keep Texture

    Hi all, Couple questions. Firstly, I want to change the color of the dark green dress in this photo to a lighter, banana yellow. I have been working with Photoshop since last April, and know how to change colors using blending modes, hue/saturation, color fill layer, etc. But whenever I try...
  5. M

    Specific Color photoshop

    Hi hello ! Can you please photoshop the picture so that it looks more professional ? I think the background looks blurred, while it’s not. I would love it to be more vivid !!
  6. EchoTheGecko

    Specific Change cat’s eye color from green to blue

    I would do this myself, but sadly I’m on vacation and away from my pc, so I’d appreciate it if anyone could do this quickly for me. Quickly change the cat’s eye color from the pale green it currently is to a frosty blue color, please try to make it look realistic! Change this cat’s eye color...
  7. Y

    Specific Color adjustment to swap two faces

    Hi I want to swap these two faces bellow, I've tried but seems very bad. See my result bellow, I don't know how to do color adjustment. These two face look different by the color tone. Please help me to do this. Here are the original image Thanks buddies!
  8. P

    Specific More rose color edits

    Would it be possible for someone to edit these roses (red and yellow) into the same color blue as in the RAGE file?
  9. J

    Specific Turn the white to black & make the background transparent

    Hello, I just need the white part to be black and the purple background to transparent. Thanks, I appreciate any attempts.
  10. P

    Specific Can someone change the color of these

    For all three of these can somebody change the white dress and veil to black please?
  11. S

    Fill Color in Rectangle not working

    Hi, I am not able to change the exisiting color of a rectangle using the fill color option. Having disable all layer effects, the color is just not changing. Please advise.
  12. B

    Paid Need artwork edited for t-shirt logos Pay $15 - need by 1/7

    Artwork Impact Montreal Logo Replace 'TOUS POUR GAGNER' with 'LINDSEY WILSON' - change the color to royal blue Replace 'IMPACT MONTREAL' with 'WINTER WARM-UP' Change all the black on the shirt to red Vancouver Whitecaps Logo Change 'VANCOUVER' to 'WINTER' Change 'WHITECAPS' to 'WARM-UP' Change...
  13. KamiYama

    Specific Color change request

    Can someone please change the hair in the following pictures to white
  14. KamiYama

    Specific Can I get a color change

    Can someone please change the hair in these to white if possible
  15. KamiYama

    Specific Can someone change these to black

    Can someone change the color of this dress to black but leave the veil white And this one can someone change the dress to black but leave the umbrella white please
  16. KamiYama

    Specific Can someone change color

    Can someone change the color of the coat and hat to black please, I would the boots to be left white of possible
  17. R

    Colour replacement tool problem, Please help!

    Hello everyone, I am having an issue with colour replacement tool, where I select a colour e.g. dark blue as you can see in my foreground colour, and it would display as a wrong colour when I use the colour replacement tool (Please see the attached screenshot). Here it is painting light blue...
  18. L

    Specific Change color of a tie

    Hello, first of all thank you for your help and for this awesome service! I am currently updating professional pictures and I would like to use the attached. However, in order to give it a more "sober" look, could someone please help me and change the tie color from striped golden to...
  19. C

    Help would be greatly appreciated!

    Hi all! I am in the process of making t-shirts for one of my friends and ran into a little snag when it came to uploading the pictures - I'm really bad at Photoshop! If somebody would please help me, that'd be great as I'm trying to get these done ASAP! The only thing I need is all of the...
  20. X

    I want to change the color of these glasses to black

    I haven't played around with photoshop in years but I'd like to get back into image manipulation. I want to change the color of the glasses to black. I want them to look like a regular black pair of ray bans wayfarers. I want it to look realistic. I also want to change the color of the lens...