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    at what stage should I choose a color profie

    hello, I've been following a few articles about color matching in dentistry. I've bought X-Rite ColorChecker Password so I can create a color profile for a current session. At what stage should I choose a color profile in Lightroom? Is my workflow correct? 1)I shoot a photo of color passport...
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    develop with color profile

    hello, I'd like to send my dental technican best photo of my patients teeth with a shaders pallette so he can put the correct porcelain colors. I've Nikon D90 with Nikon R1 side lamps. my current protocol: 1-set white balance with gray card 2-take photo of color passport side 1 3-take photo of...
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    correct process of color calibration

    is my process correct? 1)i set a white balance with gray card, 2)i take a photo of x-rite color passport 3)i create a new color profile 3)i open lightroom/camera raw and choose this new color profile 4)i pick with an eyedropper tool to detail the white balance (first gray square on the left with...
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    Save JPEG file for Web incorporating soft proof color profile

    I have started printing on a textured watercolor paper that produces a much, much lower contrast to the image compared with more glossy or luster paper. Using soft proofing and the paper profile, I edit the images PS6, introducing the needed compensatory contrast, convert the image to a TIF in...