1. I

    High Ends Scans of Antique Photos for Digital Restoration

    I own CS3 & CS6 and have completed some basic restoration work, but I have two 1870s Carte de Viste images that will require 3rd party restoration and colorization. As each is small, both being around 2.25" x 4", I am interested in scanning them at a very high optical dpi so as to enlarge them...
  2. hawkeye

    Some nice colorization work
  3. A

    Basic Tutorial - Whitening Teeth In Photshop
  4. S

    Request: Can anybody please restore my Late-Grand-Father's photo?

    Hello guy's. Can anyone please restore and colorize my late Grand-Father's Photo? This is the only photo our family has of him. I want to gift this photo to my father on his birthday. I will also add that i have never met my Grand-Father because he passed away before i was born. He passed away...
  5. I

    Animation Window

    I am trying to colourise a video, so I open the animation window, open a colour layer, and colour the scene. When I drag the 'Current Time Indicator', the video moves, but the colour layer (naturally) doesn't. What I do is shorten the green line on the animation window for the colour layer...
  6. I

    After Effects Natural Skin Colour

    How can I make a natural looking skin colour in After Effects? I have a black and white clip, and I want to colour the man's face, I have a rotoscope around it, and I just need to know what tool, or filter, or whatever, can I use to get a natural looking skin colour? Thank you.
  7. I

    After Effects Colorization in AE CS5

    I have an idea to colorize black and white videos in After Effects, and please comment if you have anything to improve it, because I really want to color my old movies. I plan to open my video Than make a new null object Then use Motion Tracking on the null object layer Then use masking and...
  8. I

    Video Colorization (Photoshop CS5)

    I am trying to color a black and white clip, but whenever the man moves his head, the layer with the skin color doesnt move with the man's head. Is there anyway to get to layer with the skin color to move in sync with the movement of the head?
  9. N

    First ever colorization!

    So, this picture is actually almost a year+ old, but I'm gonna show it to you all just cause. It's my first ever picture colorization, of an old picture of Bettie Page- I'm not sure what the exact rules are in terms of what can be shown, so I've censored out the only questionable part to be...
  10. I

    Colorization by Example

    I want to try this on Photoshop, but I don't know how to, or if you can. It's explained here: You basically just take a color image, and use it to color a greyscale image using something, I think, called "nearest pixel...
  11. C

    Albert Einstein Colorization

    Credit goes to Bry for the original pic and idea. Colorized the photo and added lighting/contrast effects to add depth and pop to the picture, then added a brown hue and a stock image to give it sort of a old picture look..... (Click Pics to enlarge) Before: After: