1. Prestodus

    Specific I'm planning overbite surgery. Post-surgery look request

    Hi, I'm planning to undergo overbite surgery (slicing the jawbones and "moving" the jaw forward). The jaw would be corrected approximately 1 to 1.5cm. The chin may or may not be slightly filled to enhance the result. I would love to get a feel of how my face might change from the side. There's...
  2. H

    Specific Please correct lighting if possible?

    Hello, would it be possible to correct the backlit lighting of this photo to make it more presentable and correct the center girl's hair? Its the only memory of a good night..
  3. T

    Specific Can you change 2017 to 2018?

    Hello, I have conference presentation and need the attached png to be corrected. Can you please change 2017 to 2018? Thanks a lot!
  4. X

    Fix eyes on a image (very quick&easy)

    Hello everyone, I made a fairly good picture of me, the thing is one of my eyes is a bit squinting. I've tried to fix it my self but I just cant make it look straight towards the camera. You probably just have to move the pupil and the light reflection in it. As this is a fairly quick and easy...
  5. S

    Smaller Color Correction Job

    This is my neighbors baby; he was drooling on his shirt in the picture! Does anyone think they can correct the wet spot on his shirt?
  6. A

    Remove leg fat and color correction

    Hi guys, can you remove the fat inside the thighs? then if you have a nice color correction i'll love you. Here's the photo: Thank you guys!
  7. B

    Small correction to Battle Axe picture

    Hello, I need small correction to the image below. I want that Battle Axe handle to be straight, instead of curved. Could someone please help with that? Length and wide stays the same. If handle becomes little longer because of that however- no problem :)
  8. U

    Photo light/exposure correction

    Gents. Can you do an edit on this for me please. I am great with other aspects of photoshop but not photo correction lol. Looking for a Blue sky, green grass and to remove the over exposure and color correction. Cheers Ben
  9. R


    Hello There is one of my artwork. Before two pictures, I had fixed 24 mm lens: and after (manually stitched in photoshop to get better result and color correction) :
  10. D

    GoPro Image In Photoshop - Lens Correction

    Hello, I am looking to fix the barrel distortion- fisheye effect of photos taken from my quadcopter. From the altitude, the lens distortion is very pronounced. So, within Photoshop CS6 went to "filter" Menu -> Lens Correction ...and under "Auto Correction" -> "Camera Make" Gopro does not...
  11. E

    Need help with colour corrections

    hey people, i need help with making colour corrections, for now i have downloaded a colour correction pack from youtube but i want to know how to make my own, if anyone could help, it would be great, thanks
  12. D2AP

    Awesome Color Correction | Photoshop Tutorial

    Hope some people find it useful.
  13. F

    color correction in Imac screen

    Hello, I am designing a dossier about a musician, photos from this dossier have to be send for web site of this artist as well I am doing the color corrections, levels, contrast etc. of these photos with photoshop and the Imac screen. Is this reliable? what would the proper way to do this? I...