1. E

    Change gif color

    Hello, Please somebody change the color of the above gif from red to white. So the hearts are white. I realize that means it probably won't be visible on this forum but it's for elsewhere. Thank you!
  2. K

    Newbie to Forum

    Hello Friends, I am new to this Photoshopgurus community. Looking support from Forum members, as I am starting to learn Photoshop.
  3. Pipsmom

    Newby from U.K.

    American living in the U.K.... So happy to have finally find a help site with others just like me. I' ve been trying to teach myself Photoshop by tutorials and lots of practice over the last month...huge learning curve as I changed computers also to a Mac which was totally opposite from my old...
  4. GreenManiac

    Greetings from namibia!!

    Just saying hi to all. I have some photo-shopping experience, but still far from being a guru. I happened to find this forum while being bored and felt like doing some photo-shopping since I haven't done any in quit a while.
  5. R

    UK newbie says hello!

    Hi guys! Rhia from the UK here, currently studying for ACA exams :cheesygrin: Happy to have joined the forum and looking forward to chatting with you guys.
  6. dv8_fx

    CONTEST FORUM ANNOUNCEMENT.... part 2....Please read!!!

    Recent changes to view permissions of forum moderators wishing to take part in forum contests didnt go well as expected. Starting with this month's challenge...... Challenge #43 - My Song .... ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE OPEN FOR VIEWING. In a way this is good...... as other mods, like yours...
  7. B

    New To The Forum

    Hi, new to the forum. Hope to learn a lot from you guys here. Looks like a very cool community.
  8. J

    Hello from Canada

    I am new here and do not do any photoshopping but am looking for someone to help me accomplish something. i am so non techie that I don't even know if photoshopping can do this. i have 4 or 5 photos of my grand daughter that I would like merged into one photo so I can then have this printed...
  9. IamSam

    Contest forum Announcement! Please read!

    One of our moderators, gedstar, expressed the desire to participate in the challenges so the administrative staff set out on figuring a way to allow Ged to join in the fun. Since the attachments of the Contest Forum are automatically moderated, the initial problem was, that it's part of the...
  10. C

    i am new member. I from Moldova

    Send me please a information about how i can write my questions in this forum. Thanks!!!
  11. R

    Greetings from Greece!

    Hello ppl, dimitris here, photographer looking for inspiration, knowledge and advice. C U in the forum :-)
  12. A


    I am new to this forum please any one guide me how to become a pro photoshoper
  13. M

    buenos dias!

    Hi all :) As a youngling, I was a regular hobby photoshopper. Mostly making logos, signatures, posters,etc, and I'm looking to get back into it by joining your excellent forum and hopefully getting some inspiration, as it is something I'm sadly lacking in! So, if you seem me lurking about...
  14. T

    A Cry for Help

    Hey everyone, first off I want to apologize if this isn't the correct section to post this in. I'm a guy here that used to do graphics back when I was in high school which was about 7-8 years ago (super long time ago, right?). At that time I was really just doing forum signatures, and I still...
  15. Sendas

    Sendas intro

    Hi, my name is Frank, I´m from Belgium, Antwerp. I live in the south of Spain with my misses and son. I´ve been dabbling with Photoshop since version 7. I´ll contribute to the forum as much as I can but at the moment I´m very busy with work so I´ll probably won´t be here as much as I want to...
  16. A

    Hi from Ali

    Hi to all of you, i m new member of this forum & I m sure that I will achieve a lot of knowledge & help from this forum and i will try my best to solve an issue whatever i know about it. Thanks n best regards to all of you.
  17. A

    Hello to every one here

    Good Day to you all I am Paul from India own a garage for cars and my passion is art photography so kindly guide me in this forum Thank you all
  18. I


    Hi there! I have just joined with this forum site! Hope to learn more from you :)
  19. V

    Van_Photo new member introduction

    Hey everyone, I figured I have to introduce myself. I am a amateur photographer and PS lover. I use Adobe Photoshop / Lightroom. Becoming a member of a forum, I will be asking helps in this online community and helping out anyway I can. Thanks a lot!!!!
  20. D

    Newbie to the forum, but not to photoshop

    Hey everyone, I figured I would introduce myself. My name is Danny and I am a graphic/web designer. I have been designing for about 6 years now, mostly print. I use Adobe daily. I am no stranger to Photoshop, but every now and then I get stuck and I need help. I get tired of searching the web...