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  1. J

    Combining three B&W images to create a RGB

    Hello Photoshop Gurus - What a great place! I'm really glad to have found you folks. Spent some time looking at many of the postings and various tutorials, but haven't quite found the correct combination to achieve this little project I'd like to try. I'm an amateur astronomer and like to...
  2. S

    Some of my art!

    Hey guys, thought I might as well put up a few peices of mine up! These are in no specific order, I just picked a few favourites. Hope you enjoy! The reflections in this car are all brushed from scratch, I like how it turned out. My concept car :) fully brushed This is an oldy, it was...
  3. F

    Photoshop Request : Cut Out An Image

    This is just a quick job i need doing, i dont have photoshop yet - ordered it Friday. So... I need the egg from this pocket god icon cut out with smoothened edges. Thats all :cheesygrin: I make a hard job of it in gimp/paint :sad: Thanks Flemingjp
  4. T

    Hello Fellow Photoshoppers!

    Hey everyone, New here, found the site on google after searching for CD Jewel Case templates! Absolutely love photoshop, and use it a fair bit to edit my photos i take, am very into Light Orb and Wire wool long exposure photography! I am on a few forums, mainly for cars, and I am a...
  5. L


    HI All Just joined and wanted to say hi! Hoping to learn new tips and tricks in PS to make my life a bit easier! What a great site. Thanks Lesley
  6. L

    Batch Automation Batch automate images from 96dpi to 300dpi

    HI I have a few actions set, converting to cmyk : saving as tiff etc, and can also use the image processor script - this is all fine. What I am struggling with is this : I need to convert images that may be 72dpi / 96dpi / 240dpi etc etc - I need to change them to 300dpi BUT if the I want...
  7. S

    Having trouble with replacing a color in an image

    Hi Guys! New here and this is my first question. :) I am taking one picture for a product picture for my cart. I am making them 8 different colors of the same image. I've been using the color replacement tool. I've been able to color 6 of the 8 colors.... Lime, light blue, natural, Yellow...
  8. S

    New Here :)

    Hi guys! Just looking to learn more about this program :) I like to work on things for my website instead of hiring people to do it for me. I am learning as I go.
  9. M

    Need quick photoshop done in the next 4 hours

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to modify an image and make it look a little bit realistic.. very minor help.. In short, i have an image of a bag- see attached, i need to put speakers and solar panels on it. BUT I NEED REPLIES URGENTLY thanks
  10. Windows7

    The best way to cut out an image like next shape..

    Hi folks here i am back again! :) I've again a annoying problem and that is:i made a rounded rectangle with the pen tool with nice round corner(more rounded then the basic rounded rectangle). Like this one: And i want to cut out this shape out a flag and that is: I hope you guys...
  11. Composer

    New from Norway

    Hello all. Selftaught Photoshopper here. If you know of any good tutorial dvd's let me know.
  12. iDad

    How many Countries come here?

    I got a flag counter for my site,just wondering how many countries come here. on a regular stop I'm sure a way hell of a lot more than mine .. ahhhhhhhh fudge...... tried to link it here...(didn't work).....I'll figure it out USA here and you?
  13. Asharak


    So, Couple of friends of mine, including me, decided to make a full editing crew. By that, I mean, anyone who knows: 1) Photoshop / Corel, or 2) AfterEffects / Vegas Pro, or 3) Dreamweaver / HTML, or 4) Programming, etc. could enter the group! We would start by filling out our...
  14. BestiaDelRio

    QUESTION: How to make image go over signature?

    Hello guyz, I'm really newbie at signatures and I wanna figure out how people do this? See that woman over there? How do you let her head go over? Now idk if this question has already been asked. If so, my apologies This signature is not mine ofc.. Image and copyright belong to the...
  15. F

    Stupid Scratch Disks

    Hi, folks. Newbie on the forum but not necessarily to Photoshop. However, I have encountered the following error - a familair one to Photoshopeprs, but with a decidedly odd twist... I am running Windows 7 on a Dell XPS 720 with 8GB RAM. I have been running Photoshop 7.0.1 (yes, I know it's...
  16. O

    How to make this type of avatar

    Hello, i need to make this type of cartoon avatar of myself, can anyone help me with a tut, software or related.
  17. Carson

    How to make animations?

    Sorry if I there is a tutorial on this that I didn't see, but could someone post a few tutorials on how to make animations, and what not. I would like to learn to create some of the cool things that I have seen on this site. Like for example, The two in avatar wars post, used animation to...
  18. R

    How would I do this?

    Hi guys, a real newbie at photoshop here. Was just wondering how i would go about replicating this picture to make it different colours, sizes, transparent so it will nicely fit on a darker background without the pixelation. thanks in advance
  19. S

    Photoshop Soft effect

    Hello, Would anyone be kind enough to shed some light onto how this 'soft' effect can be created for photos using Photoshop? I have tried searching on Google with little luck but hoping a PS expert might be able to help :) THanks!!
  20. D

    3D does 3d repousse really work?

    does this option work in the present version of photoshop because everytime i try it. It says that this option is not available presently. Also, does anyone have a link to a tutorial that shows how to use the lighting tool in PS. thanks :)