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  1. D

    how to ensure that the colors are maintained in print

    Hi, i am new to print. Lately, a print that i took of a design had a different color altogether than what's on the image. How do i ensure that the printed color is accurate to what i have on screen. Any help would be much gratefully recieved for i want to figure this out before i create...
  2. A

    Greeting to all friends!

    hi friends ! Nice to meet everyone here. I am a new member and my name is Alvina. I hope everyone will welcome me. when I was join I feel will have great time here. I'll try to contribute to share knowledge and skills with all members to increase. As everybody knows that now a days forums are...
  3. S

    Redisigning my webpage!

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of redesigning my webpage so I though I'd show my newest layout! the picture is going to be a place for "recent works" and the white spot will be the general front page description
  4. A


    Hey! I've been using photoshop for a few years now, all self taught with the help from some internet tutorials. This seems like a pretty cool forum so I'm excited!:cheesygrin:
  5. B

    Greetings New Here

    Good afternoon too all Designers here, I'm new to the photography and Photoshop world but I'm very excited about the possibilities already. I'm a CS5 user and have been for about 3 months now. Looking forward to many tutorials and advice, see you guys when you see me!:cool2:
  6. K

    Brush Tool problem

    I have Photoshop CS5 and use the Brush Tool a lot when I edit photos. I use especially the function where I press ALT + right mouse button so that I can adjust the size of the brush and the hardness/thickness or what ever it is called. When I do that I get a red indicator showing me how hard the...
  7. L

    New Design?!

    shows how long I havent been here, I love this new design! A+ :wink:
  8. T

    Can someone help me by telling me what filter is applied in the image

    Hello, I am trying to find the name of the filter used in the image I am attaching to this message. I got as close as a filter with name "polar coordinates" but its not it. Any help would be greately appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. W

    Tools problem

    My tools do not work, only the hand tool. The hand tool stays on even when I click on another tool. I have deleted preferences, uninstalled and re-installed and nothing seems to work. Can any one help? I am running Mac OS 10.6.7. Thank you.
  10. Carson

    Looking for a future in design

    Hello, a few of you may have seen some of my recent posts. I'm new to photoshop gurus. The reason for me joining this site is because I want to make a career out of photoshop. I am pretty independent, but like everyone else I make mistakes (a lot), and when I can't find the info on the web, I...
  11. apolytes

    Apolytes the noobie

    Whats up guys, new to the site. I'm kind of a hobbiest in the graphic world. I mainly work with digital art renders and fine art photography, but I give all my creations out for free! Anyway, I hope the pretty detailed knowledge I have regarding the adobe product line can help out in some way.
  12. X

    frame for ID is there any frame available in the internet?

    is there a frame available in the internet were i can download for free? im new in using photoshop i would like to make an ID but i dont know were to get a nice frame for my ID? :banghead:
  13. W

    Missing plug-in/filter

    Hope this makes sense. I own Photoshop CS4 ext. My understanding is that after Pshp CS3, a plug-in (filter) for making complex selections (hair, etc.) was no longer included with Pshp. But that it could be downloaded somehow from Adobe and then updated to CS4. Does anyone know about this...
  14. G

    Shortcut When Using Curves

    When using Curves, one used to be able to move from one point to the next ("point" is what I use to refer to the points that determine the shape of the curve) by holding the Control key and pressing Tab. This no longer appears to work with Photoshop CS5. I am wondering how I can move from one...
  15. M

    PS request: Beethoven shredding

    Was wondering if someone could make a beethoven guitarist shredding out on a solo....or if you've seen one you can link to that would work just the same. Was thinking it would be cool to put Beethoven's head on a zakk wylde type guitarist body(black leather, chains, tattoos, etc)
  16. P

    Background Question

    Hell All, I have image as shown below. In that you can see that there is a white line between the background and image . How to remove that one ? Thanks
  17. BestiaDelRio

    Hello forums,

    Hello folks, I started Photoshop 2 months ago and started joining some forums like Tnxz!
  18. wastenot

    Just the Basics

    Hi, I found PS Gurus while searching for, "curved arrows"+photoshop. An excellent post by Yutosi answered my question, and got me to register. Thanks, from a low-end user, and looking forward to more!
  19. J

    Need Someone That Is Amazing At Intros !

    i will not pay for an intro if you would be kind enough and do it for free the most i will do is put you in my sub box and my friends subbox <3 please xx
  20. R

    Frame around pictures

    How do I create a frame around the picture on the right with the picture on the left? Is there a fast and easy way?:):question::rocker:Get down frankie, John