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  1. deepshah095

    Powder Blast Text Effect in Photoshop

    Learn how to create this powder blast text effect in Photoshop :) ! Happy Learning :)! Video Link :-
  2. deepshah095

    Smoke Text Effect

    Learn how to create this smoke text effect in Photoshop :)! Happy learning! Video tutorial :-
  3. deepshah095

    Watercolor Painting Effect

    Learn how to create this Watercolor painting effect in Photoshop :) Youtube tutorial link :-
  4. J

    Create 3d text in photoshop without its 3d feature..!!!
  5. J

    Angry birds text effect Photoshop : Photoshop Tutorial

    Please Share the video....
  6. D

    Illustrator Neon Text Effect in Photoshop and Illustrator

    Welcome, Guys. This tutorial will show you how to apply this Glowing effect like a neon tube light to your design or text. The step-by-step format will help you recreate the effect whether you are a beginner or an expert. Thanks for watching!
  7. D

    Hello Photoshop Masters! Need your advice

    Hello guys, I'm new here! I create Photoshop lessons and courses, but unfortunately I'm not very successful in it:rolleyes: I don't know how to attract new public and find people who is interested in this topic and can give advise. I have youtube channel and I also created free course recently...
  8. N

    Vintage Medical Drawing Tutorial

    Hello fellow Photoshoppers!!! I'm looking to create a vintage medical drawing from a photo in photoshop and was curious if there were suggestions, tutorials, etc. that may help me achieve this effect. I've attached an image of what look I'm going for and would love to get some feedback. Thanks!
  9. C

    Shoutout Video Contest!!

    Hey guys! I have a youtube channel, and make photoshop tutorials! And recently I just got 50 subscribers, so I'm having a little giveaway/contest! The winner will get a shout-out in my next video! So if you have a youtube channel, business, or website you wanted me to give a shout-out to watch...
  10. P

    Photoshop TUTORIAL writing services

    Hi, I am an experienced Photoshop tutorial writer and willing to offer my services for those interested in starting or developing their own tutorial website. For more info and samples please contact me via PM. Thanks, P
  11. PSDPros

    New to Photoshop Gurus Forum

    I am glad to be part of this Photoshop Gurus Forum. I hope I will be able to contribute as well as learn from everyone here. Thanks
  12. Tron

    Request Photoshop Tutorials Here.

    Let's bring the Photoshop Tutorials section back to life. What kind of tutorials would you guys like to see here? I have been told that we can put large images and even video in them.
  13. P

    Free Photoshop Portrait Retouching Workshop In London

    Hi fellow Photoshop lovers, Just thought you might be interested to know that there is a Photoshop Portrait Retouching Workshop on Saturday 27 March 2010 at 1pm in London. There is only few places left now, so if you are interested please RSVP as soon as possible at Photoshop Group All the...
  14. S

    Photoshop Tutorials

    I am Starting to post photoshop tutorials for newbies, which will help to learn photoshop, Please post your requirements and i will write good and complete tutorial for the same, This will make good tutorials for each question you provide me to do. Tutorials for photoshop will be posted as...