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  1. G

    Specific Make my chest look larger!

    Hello, I am on the right and requesting for someone to make by chest look bigger, as in make it stick out more/ more 3D. Thank you to anybody that can help.
  2. D

    Shiny "Chromatic" Effect

    Hey guys, I am trying to achieve this effect on Photoshop. I tried searching for tutorials and keywords but I could not find any. Hope anyone can help me out 🙏 Really appreciate whatever input from you guys.
  3. isapanzanni

    What size and resolution for files for printing?

    Hey guys, how are you? I would like to know the ideal size for logos saved in CMYK that will be printed in graphics. What is the ideal size? If they know about business cards, stickers and posters they would help me a lot too. Thank you!
  4. Evil Nemesis

    Need Critics for my new startup

    Hi, Everyone I joined this website in 2005 and found this really really really helpful. Clare and some other members always helped me in learning and achieving different things in Adobe Photoshop. Then I had to disappear into personal crisis of mine in 2013. Anyway I still tell my students to...
  5. H

    Specific Can anyone make my upper lip look normal?

    I would be so incredibly grateful if anyone could make my upper lip look normal? It seems to have disappeared. Could anyone kindly sort of fix it? I attach a reference of what my imagination would like ( tho impossible) so anyone kindly doing this wound get my vibe. Thank you to any kind soul...
  6. vngnwrd

    Nice to meet you!

    Hello everyone! I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, Canada. I have been recently self-employed and working from home, it's difficult to judge my own work when I'm only have a pair of eyes. So, I'm joining this community, hopefully to get feedbacks from fresh eyes of yours! And...
  7. C

    Paid $50 PayPal Need edit adding Phasing/Blur Effect to Streetwear Design

    Hello all, $50 PayPal - [Calling all Photoshop Gurus! Need help adding Phasing/Blur Effect to almost completed Streetwear Design] I am looking to hire an artist/graphic designer, that's good with photoshop/illustrator, to add an aesthetic effect (a sort of phasing/motion blur) to a graphic I...
  8. T

    Evolution of Adobe Photoshop

    Hi, for the love of Adobe Photoshop I wanted to share the Evolution of Photoshop. Evolution of Adobe Photoshop 1988 - 2020
  9. isapanzanni

    Photoshop does not allow changing folders for editing

    Good night my dear, how are you? I have a problem with my Photoshop CC, every time I go to FILE> OPEN> only an open folder appears and does not give me the option to go back to the desktop or other folders, does anyone know what it might be?
  10. M

    Specific Engagement photo! Is it possible to swap my mouth/smile?

    Hi! My husband and I had photos taken recently. I was smiling weirdly in my favorite photo. I've included another photo with my normal smile. There's a side-by-side of the two, along with the individual photos. Is it possible to take my mouth/smile on the right photo and photoshop it into my...
  11. P

    Specific Feudal Japan Tengoku

    Can someone please make a realistic version of this?
  12. C

    Hello from Italy!

    Hello mates, I'm a photographer/photoshopper from Rome!
  13. carl290

    Specific Draw those white things

    HI Can someone draw those white things in photoshop (I tried but have no skills) Thanks a lot, and stay safe
  14. Aakshat

    Book Mockup

    So someone asked to create a book mockup where they can place there own images on the pages. this is the original image And this is what i've made. critiques are very welcomed. I've contort the pages using warp (mainly), distort and other transformation tools. And i had really hard time...
  15. C

    Color Identification Within an Image

    I have an image in which I need to identify the following, in rgb values (none of which may include black, white, or grey): 1) The primary two color hues (green and red, orange and violet, etc.), 2) the darkest tint for each of these primary hues, 3) The lightest tint for each, 4) The lightest...
  16. P

    Any leads for fixing variably stretched images from a scanner?

    So I have an obscure problem. I take timelapses using computer scanners. Right now I am watching a fungus colonize legumes (tempeh). The motor and/or belt on one of my scanners is acting up. In some photos it will go a bit slower on some portions of the scanner platen, which has the effect of...
  17. D

    Method for Creating a Grid of Squares to Later Fill in Color

    Hi all, I am new to Photoshop, however, I was hoping to use it to plan and visualize some mosaic tile projects before getting started with the physical medium. Therefore, I am looking for a method to: 1) Create a grid (usually of squares, sometimes rectangles or triangles) to overlap on a...
  18. Yorkmove

    Creative Could someone please photoshop me in the dress.

    Hey Gurus. I’ve had some great work done on here, so I’m back. I would love to have the dress on. Could you do this for me please? I would love to have my head replaced the models and the skin tone on the neck, hands and leg changed to my skin tone. I hope the headshot is suitable. Thanks in...
  19. Yorkmove

    Specific Photoshop Santa on the seesaw?

    Hi. love the previous photoshop of my cat and now seeing If someone would you be able to change the guy on the right of the seesaw for a Santa please?. i’ve attached an image of the Santa I would like. I’m hoping this is possible to do. I would love a Christmas photo of me and Santa haha...