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  1. S

    Specific Compositing products into scene

    Hi everyone, I am trying to create a scene of a kitchen table with a couple of items on it. I have all the pictures for it and I tried to put them together, but it looks way off- perspective, proportions, colours and shading/lighting are all different, and I don't know where to begin to fix...
  2. C

    Fixing rough edges when using green background(trying to put on white background)

    Currently I am doing some photo work on a green background. Sometimes it works great, other times it leaves a very rough edge around my products. What can I do to fix these rough edges? Or to get rid of the green easier than how I am currently doing it. I have attached a screen recorded video of...
  3. CJ923

    Greetings from New England!

    Howdy all! I'm a self-taught Photoshopper that's been using it for about 20 (yikes!) years now, going from 'making funny pictures' to designing CD covers for not-quite-official music-based products to 'Print Manager of workplace that offers print products...' I was a graphic design major in...
  4. A

    On Commercial Shoots, How Do I Mount Products?

    Hi, everyone. I'm new to studio photography, and looking for some help with how to mount products that I'm shooting such as watches, cologne bottles, etc.. I think I've seen that photographers have used some kinds of extension arms? I see all these clamps, and grips, and I'm not sure what it all...
  5. gedstar

    Direct download links for CC2015.5. products

    Well it looks like Adobe have changed their mind about direct download links for CC2015.5 products More info
  6. Jenn Zed

    Hello :)

    Hello there. Just introducing myself .. I am an artist who has really just begun to dabble with Photoshop, mainly as an enhancer for works already completed. I would like to learn more and am very impressed with the Art I have seen being produced purely through Adobe products like Photoshop...
  7. A

    Hello fellow Photoshop Users!

    Hey everyone .. I am looking forward to communicating with other CS6 users, as I am self-taught and am just beginning to get into more depth with the program. I am a products developer for IMVU and want my products to look more professional once they are added to a 3D Mesh. I have been watching...
  8. gedstar

    Useful Photoshop Tutorials and more

    Just found these Adobe Photoshop Tutorials that may help newbies to the program, I'd imagine many of you here are most likely aware of these, but for those that aren't hopefully it will help them :) And there's also this for all Adobe...
  9. B

    New Member requestiong help

    Hello brilliant people. I have almost zero knowledge on what this forum presents. I hope to find a person whom can help me with a very big problem. I haven't a clue where to start, so I guess telling my story would be the best place. My name is Britt. I make hand made all natural skin care...
  10. M

    Creating "old" produce (fruits and veggies) labels

    Hello, I'm new here and am excited to learn from everyone! I've been using PhotoShop since the late 90s, but have never taken a class. Looking to step my game up and work my way towards some graphic design classes in the near future. Anyhow, I'm having a farm-themed wedding next year and am...