1. M

    Specific Some changes to D&D Artwork

    hi i was wondering if anyone could possibly recolor the character's hair to white and if possible give him slightly less of a frown (this is for a rpg character im going to be using in a online table top group and the character is supposed to be a cheerful character with white hair) if its a...
  2. C

    Recolour my top pleaseee

    Hey, I need the colour of my top in the first photo darkened to match the one in the second (so it looks like they were taken at the same time) Thanks so much x
  3. Coffee_Girl

    Is this possible?

    I'm wondering what this method is called, taking a photo such as that on the left and turning it grey-ish like the right. I am not looking to make it desaturated. The one on the right allows you to recolor the photo with different hues. Thanks for all your help! Edit: I found out this is...
  4. D

    New to PS, need help with coloring!

    Hi guys! I enjoy editing character artworks eventually with by manipulating pixels but there is only so much I can do. I did the left guy by only copy/pasting in multiple layers and by realocating and cleaning pixels. I usually get stuck when I need to recolor something. I'd like...
  5. NamanyayG

    Color restored on an old pic

    Found the pic at Tried a bit of coloring it, and here's the result... Hope you guys like it, please critique :D (PS. I used adjustments layer -> Hue/Saturation for this -> Masks for this, what...