1. C

    How was this background effect created?

    It looks like the shoe itself was photographed and then placed in the foreground. The background image was then created e.g. with a gradient, shading, compositing the product in and recoloring the bottom magenta. Then I'd guess it was put through a filter of some sort, but I can't really...
  2. Y

    Hi everyone

    Can i have two my favorite characters together, please. Any background will do, but preferably some sort of cafe
  3. S

    Background changing

    Can u please Change the background with some sort of town area with buildings n all
  4. Inkz

    Geometric Box Logo || Grid & Sketch Work

    Here's a fun design I'm currently working on. I love grids and lines and shapes and making them into an interesting piece. This one is for fun, the only guide lines are it could be used for a techy sort of business lol. This will be updated with progress and finished design.
  5. G

    Which brushes did I use?

    Hello, this is going to probably be a hard one but before I had reset my PC I had downloaded a certain set of brushes, one being very important for the textures I make. I hoped one of you would recognize it or know a very similar one. Below is a preview of what I made with it. I think it's...
  6. D

    How to sort Photoshop actions?

    Hi guys,I just downloaded a bunch of actions and now my set is a mess.Is there a way to sort them somehow?do i have to do them manually one by one,or is there a quicker way,maybe a tool?Also is there a way I could preview them somehow?
  7. M

    What kind of effect is this? and how would I do so with a Picture of myself?

    So i liked how he looks on his album cover , like you can tell it has some sort of cartoonish effect to it, would anyone know how to do this?
  8. T

    Pointer to Image Sharing Site with specific features

    I have a need where: 1) I can share only a specific album of ~100 to 200 images to a friend 2) Have the friend sort these images by their desirability thru manual reordering (drag and drop) 3) Export the images with a sequential number prefix so the files names will preserve the manual sort...
  9. A

    Question on image edits

    Hi, I am new to editing my own photos and my goal is to achieve the look of these photos below. I have played around with exposure, contrast, and all the basics and have not achieved this so far. The edits below have some sort of 'luminance' that I can not seem to figure out. Any sort of...
  10. S

    Am curious to know how to make these sort of dividers

    Am curious to know how to make these sort of arrow dividers. Gurus Any tutorials please ? Helpful to all the newbies in here. Thanks in advance. :help: :help:
  11. J

    Photoshop request

    Tried my hand at 'photoshopping' this family photo. I need a bit of help tidying it up. Would someone be kind enough to neaten up the edges for me and sort out the colour? Thanks very much in advance...
  12. N

    Dry Brush Stroke Help

    Hey, I am designing a logo for a band and am looking for a way to get a semi-realistic looking brush stroke effect. I have the paths made for where I would like the strokes to go, but have not found a satisfactory method of creating the actual strokes. To be clear I have downloaded photoshop...
  13. J

    Halftone dots seem too large.

    Hi team, Been a while... These sort of images have been popping up on a few of the design blogs I've been following. I really like the old school scanned sort of effect of the black and white image. When I play around with colour halftones on photoshop I can never seem to give it that sort of...
  14. O

    Help/Advice needed

    I have had no formal training on photoshop, over the years of running record labels i have had to learn and get through with what i can do. But i am having huge trouble with trying to get any sort of design done for something very small ie 150 x 100 pixels. Any help or advice would be greatly...
  15. P

    Looking for some advice on recreating a similar composition.

    Hey Guys I have found a composition online and and find myself intrigued to replicate a similar aesthetic. I was wondering firstly your thoughts as to whether something like this is achieved in Photoshop and if so what sort of tips you would recommended, tutorials to check out etc. Thanks in...
  16. T

    10 Custom Logos for Gaming Community

    Hello. Mods please put this post in the approiate thread if needed. I am looking for a person that can do 10 custom logos for me. My budget $10-15 per logo. If we can nail the first one, I know we'll be able to easily do the other 9. 30% of it lettering. I'd like the letters A.U.W in an arch at...
  17. T

    Can anyone please tell me how to make this vintage photo effect

    Its almost like a disposable camera took it, hell it might of, I'm really interested in doing this sort of effect on my photos. does anyone know how. Its driving me crazy
  18. M

    Trouble opening more than one image

    Hi I have started having an issue when I try to open more than one image in Photoshop cc (2014). I get the following error. If anyone could give any suggestions of how to sort the issue out, it would be much appreciated. I have tried unchecking the Application Frame option, in the window menu...
  19. C

    How to create a similar youtube thumbnail like this?

    I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on how to create this collage sort of effect for my youtube thumbnails? Thanks :)
  20. N

    Text snapping to different settings

    Hi all, Thanks for having me here on this forum. Newbie question: I've come across some problem on Photoshop whereby, every time I try to edit any text box or resize the canvas all the current settings for the fonts all change and reposition themselves all over the place. It will be a massive...