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1 For the Mac guys & Gals ps alternative

re: 1 For the Mac guys & Gals ps alternative


The GUI looks very familiar but I just can't quite put my finger on it.....errrr...

Also, does it come with large fries and a small plastic choking hazard? :rofl:

Or is it not that kind of Mac?

re: 1 For the Mac guys & Gals ps alternative

Very interesting.
re: 1 For the Mac guys & Gals ps alternative

Dont get me wrong I am an Adobe fanboy started with adobe and will probably die with it lol. But the reality is it is expensive and yes before they could justify the price as not many other companies could compete with adobe, or had 1 or 2 good products but adobe has some of the best software for everything touching all corners of art and design.

But with companies now trying to make their own suites of software that can realistically compete against adobe at such affordable pricing then how much will it really take to convert hobbyist away from adobe, $500 a year for adobe or $150 for life with a competing company.

I know professionals will see it as the 1st job of the year pays for the cc suite for the whole year but the question is how many hobbyist will stop justifying the cost when they can get a more affordable solution.

Just saying guys dont jump at me I am sure we have more hobbyist here than we have as I call working professionals that rely on adobe software for their main income, if you could get similar results which may actually be just as easy if not easier which will you choose ??

ANd I think I read that if you participate in this beta program you wont even have to buy it and you will still get free upgrades.
re: 1 For the Mac guys & Gals ps alternative

As with many hopeful upstarts, they soon fall victim to bugginess. I visited the forum and the "Bug" and "Questions" sections are both very active and support is a bit lacking.
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re: 1 For the Mac guys & Gals ps alternative

Yeah I see that but like any software in Beta it is expected to be buggy. But people will put up with that if it is saving them considerable amount of money.

You have to also remember Photoshop has been worked on for years (decades) so has had the time to fine tune it. Serif use to be excellent software but then went quiet, So I think in time it could really be a contender even if it only appears to be the equivalent to PS Elements.
I recall Photoshop 1 (0.07 Mac Version) had it's share of bugs. This was the demo version.

It was only when the bugs were ironed out that version 1.0.7 was commercially released. As history shows, Photoshop set the pace and is top gun to this day.

Remains to be seen how this new competitor turns out....