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16 vs. 8 bit problem


I use PS CS5 Extended 64bit, but the Bridge is only 32bit, I hope I did not make any installation mistake. When I send raw picture from Bridge to Camera raw it opens with 8 bit colour only, the same way all consecutive pictures unless I change it. If I change one picture in Camera raw to 16 bit colour, all next pictures opened directly by Camera raw without Bridge open as 16 bit, but first file from Bridge switches to 8 bit again. And of course, all 8 bits from Camera raw open as 8 bits in Photoshop too. I have two questions, although I am aware the first is really stupid.
1. When picture taken by camera as 16 bit is opened by Camera raw and/or Photoshop as 8 bit and then switched to 16 bit is there quality degradation as compared to picture opened as 16 bit ?
2. Is there a way how to open files from Bridge CS5 in 16 bit colours ?
Thank you,