Paid $3 for License Plate

Hey guys, I would like to have a mini replica license plate done for a baby push car. I would like it to be similar, but it does not have to be identical to the Illinois plates. I have provided the measurements for the plates. I would like the plates to have the name "CHEDDAR". If you guys have any questions just reply to this thread and I will respond as soon as I can. Thank you.

Scan 1.jpeg

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Here is another draft confirming closely to your requests.Increased font size on all text, spaced them out after removing the Blue border, increased size of Lincoln pic.
Where it says 2 inches in the dimensions image you provided, does that mean two inches perpendicular to the base, or two inches at that angle?
Also, if you do mean two inches at that angle, would you mind providing an angle measure? or does it matter?