3D 3d extrusion with different shapes on top and bottom?

Is there a way to make a 3d extrusion object with different shapes for the top and bottom, like a circle on top, and triangle on bottom? Thanks!
Yes there is. And when you say 3D extrusion object, I assume you have Photoshop CSx Extended and want to use Photoshop's 3D tools to do the job. Alright, I'll list the steps you'll want to take as best as I can.

1. Make a new blank layer and name it sphere, open the 3D panel (Window>3D) and from the "Create New 3D Object" menu, select 3D Shape from Preset, then select "Sphere" from the dropdown menu. A 3D sphere will appear on the layer.

2. Make another blank layer and name it pyramid, and from the same panel, select Pyramid from the dropdown menu. You should now have a 3D sphere and Pyramid on the screen.

3. On the pyramid layer, from the 3D tools panel click on the 3D Mesh tool. It's the third one down. If need be, hover over the tools you see on this panel to find it. Once found, click on the Pyramid object, hold shift and drag your mouse downward. This will revolve the mesh over the X axis while constraining the object to its position in 3D space.

4. Once you have your objects the way you want them, select both layers by holding shift and clicking on each 3D layer. Then click on the 3D menu at the top of the screen and then select "Merge 3D Layers". What this does is bring both objects into one layer where they will be positioned in 3D space.

The next set of steps can be tricky because Photoshop has a way of doing unexpected things when 3D layers are merged.

5. In order to position one 3D object over or into another 3D object, it's best that you use to Filter By:Meshes panel and the Mesh tool. From the Meshes Panel, select the Pyramid mesh and with the Mesh tool you'll more than likely have to drag upward on the green arrowhead that represents the Y axis. Drag on this until your pyramid gets inside the Sphere object.

So I think that's it. If you need more help, let us know.


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Hi ja, I will assume the same as Chris did with one minor exception. You can create the shapes you intend for extrusion on the same layer, that is, unless you intend to be able to move them independently of one another. Then follow Chris' steps.

You can use the Marquis and Pen tool to create shapes on separate layers, position them where you want them, combine the layers and then extrude. If you use the shape tool......set to combine shapes.

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Thanks, those were helpful. I kind of wanted it to be an extrusion (or repousse). But I just realized Photoshop wouldn't know where to connect the edges, like for a square on one end, and triangle on the other. So I'll use your suggestion, Chris, and just manually makes the sides .
Dear sam, I am currently creating bump map, but seems to be not exactly fine, what I want, there is some problem in its pixels and color effects.. Is this error due to old version of PS or due to any other issue.. I was create it as dark shadows.. Itr may due to lighter and dark sides..