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Hey members! I have created this post to encourage people to show off their artwork done in diffrent progs than photoshop (including 3d progs), and getting others into these programs. I know this is a photoshop site, but it's also a site to learn, be creative, and have fun, right? ;) so when you show off your artwork, just say what prog you did it in, and if you want you can say a bit more on the image (how you made it, etc.). You can also post images here that were partly done in one or more progs and touched up in photoshop. so lets get showin off our stuff! [excited]
Ok. I'm ganna start off with some of the stuff I did in this prog gausian brought me to: Wings 3d. This program is amazing and is very easy to use and learn [excited] Here's some of my begining stuff.


Here's what I have so far of my latest character model. I figured it was time to do a hooter mamma. Still have a ways to go, though.
Gausian, were you asking if i was succesful converting the wings 3d files to pov-ray? Yes I was. Thankyou for showing me crossroads, because that's what i used. I exported it to 3ds file, and in crossroads i converted the 3ds file to pov-ray 3.0, and i have 3.5, so it worked. Thanx guas! :D O wait, you must be talking about my avatar. I used a horrible method. I took four screen shots, 3 going left, and one going right to make the turning not look all skippy. I took screenshots after I rotated it each time, pasted them in photoshop, and sized them, added in the text, alistair (my real name), and then put that into gif construction set professional. :( It's a pain, but at the end I got a pretty ok avatar! [excited]


Well, Stu, she's not the Biker Chic that I have grown to love and adore. Although, once I get a little more comfy with modeling clothes, I'm sure I could turn my hooter mamma into a biker chic, but not the Biker Chic.

You know, doing a model of Biker Chic isn't a half bad idea. I might have to take a whack at it one of these days.

Alistair, are you getting me and Gauss mixed up again? Understandable since we are both handsome fellows.
:perfect: Alistair great beginnings there guy for someone who is just getting their feet wet!

Stroker... can't wait to see your finished "hooter mamma"! ;)

[innocent] I'm not into 3D (yet) but I always appreciate exhuberant work and creativitiy! :D
thanx wendy :D I am jst getting my feet wet! But I plan on getting deeper, and very soon! I've already started on ray-tracing (im not sure if I would cosider this a 3d prog [pov-ray), and I'm ganna get into some other stuff quite soon now. Here's onne thing I made in pov-ray=
;) Put your hip-waders on, Alistair...else you'll get more than your feet wet at the rate that you're going! ;) Great work! :perfect:


Yes, POV-Ray is a 3d prog. Albeit a scripted one lacking a GUI, but it is a 3d prog. You should have seen the scripted 3d progs of yester-year. Talk about not fun.

Hooter Momma is coming along. Slowly, but I'm getting there. Working the shoulder/arm-pit/neck/clavical area right now. The head is pretty much done - pretty much, but I haven't stitched it in yet.

I'ld tell you what the fun in this is, but I could get arrested.
done from memory (probably a past life :D ) ... a V1 Buzz Bomb (circa 1943/44) made in amin8or (the friendliest program I've tried so far) ........ gif(ed) and optimised in IR ... now to think of something else :)
[stuned] Amazing Ian! :perfect: Seems like only 'yesterday' that you were inquiring about 3D apps and here you've created your first work so quickly! :D