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3D 3D Typography Mirror Mirror On The...Wall?

I 'wooden stand' for that Eggster. :rofl:

Are you using Ambient Occlusion on any of these?


Thanks MrTom,

Where do you keep finding all that? :rofl:

And now let's talk English; what the heck is 'Ambient Occlusion'?
I have no time to look it up because I was ready to go to bed (need my beauty sleep).
I don't remember having encountered this terminology in PS 3D (until now).

Please do explain, but keep it simple, and I'll read it in the morning.
...Where do you keep finding all that?...
Sorry Eggy, not sure what you mean, find all what?

Ambient Occlusion: (A natural Phenonemenemenmenemmen!)

When two surfaces are in close proximity they 'occlude' the light between them. Its not exactly a shadow although to make things easier you can regard it as such.

A small amount of 'AO' between objects happens naturally all the time...just check the corners of a room against the ceiling...they will appear slightly darker. This happens even in a well lit room although the brighter it is the more difficult it is to see.

Another example is simply holding your hands close together but not touching.....you'll notice it get darker between them although no shadow is cast....its just the 'ambient' light between them that is being occluded by their own proximity to each other.

You see how your wooden block looks a bit odd on the right hand side? It 'looks' as if its just not connected with the ground plane....a sort of 'no mans land'....AO would fix that.

I guess if you've never heard of it before then that means PS doesn't have it....or if it does its just on or off...sorry, I can't remember which is kind of why I asked the question.

You could probably fake it too if PS doesn't have it.

Anyway, no worries, keep it in mind for when you get Blendering.

Sorry Eggy, not sure what you mean, find all what?

"I 'wooden stand' for that Eggster. :rofl:"

And now I do understand what you're referring to!

It is the 'contact shadow' that glues the object to the background.


Normally I work with an object in 3D and a background in 3D (postcard or extrusion)

This time I did not add a 3D background to be able to adjust the grey scale to fit the 3D rendered objects.

I do add that particular 'contact shadow' in the after processing. I did the left one (see red arrow) but it seems I forgot to do the right side too. :banghead:

But even in a full all 3D composite PS has not an 'ambiant occlusion' option.

To reproduce that effect I normally elevate the ensemble of 3D objects 1 or 2 px from the 3D ground plane to force PS to make something like it but the result depends on the hardness and the directing of the light .
Normally I always end up doing some retouching.

Here's the corrected version with the 'contact shadow' on the right side.

And thanks again for pointing met that out and once again I learned...

3D Typography Mirror On The Wall.png
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Very nice one Eggy...the reflection and the wooden material looks perfect to me.
FYI, I use Ambient Occlusion all the time with Blender, and you can adjust it to your personal preference.
Thanks Chris.

I'll reinstall Blender somewhere next week and start with it.

In your experience with PS 3D was there something like ambiant occlusion in PS 3D?

I did try some experiments today to find out if that effect or something similar exist in PS. Found nothing...