A bug in Adobe Photoshop


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Hard to believe isn't it? :biglaff:

Everytime you use PS an empty folder is created by Adobe in users: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2180330

I was cleaning my folders manualy when in my users section I found nearly 6.000 (six thousand) empty files called 'Tempzxpsign***************'.

If you read the topic in the Adobe forum the problem occurs since CC 2015 and a fix was promised. :rofl:

I'm using CC 2017.1.0 now and of course the problem isn't fixed.

Every time you open PS such a folder is created.

They are empty but it took me nearly one hour to remove them all.
This is down to the loading of 'Extensions' that are 'Unsigned'. 'zxp' is the 'extension'...er, extension:rofl: Typical Adobe logic there!
zxp files are just like zip files, they can be unzipped and placed in the extensions folder...no need for installation with the 'extension manager' (which has gone now anyway). It was this that would throw the error about 'signing' for custom extensions.

Photoshop uses 'Extensions', (Like KULER used to be), in the background for many things. If you make your own 'Extensions', like I do, then in order for it to load without a stupid 'unsigned' error you have to sign it....via Adobe....for a PRICE!

There was never anything wrong with the extension and was just an exercise by Adobe to make more money...you pay for their 'approval'.
They even told you you HAD to install extensions via the manager....pure BS!

Anyway, this change now meant that from CC 2015 PS used 'unsigned' extensions because they were written before this stupid 'signing' thing years ago.

Now every time PS loads it throws [in the background] an 'unsigned' error, and a consequence of that is to create a folder for it...an empty one....er...right.

The rest you know.
gedstar fix has worked for me ever since 2015 was released.

Just a bit of insight for ya....because I've gone through it when trying to make extensions! Grrrrr.!

For CC 2017 onwards check out...


...it'll tell you exactly how many times you've launched the software.
(Second line down)

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