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Creative A Celestial Entity


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So some while ago I got a new phone and was playing around with the new camera and lighting. Then yesterday I downloaded a PS app on my phone and played around with filters for this specific picture out of boredom just to be silly. And then I had a stroke of inspiration as the filters made me think of this one image and I really wanted to Photoshop my picture but sadly, the extent of my PS skills are to open the software, make a new blank layer, and then close it. I shared my idea with a friend and he randomly played around with it and that's it.

So I stumbled across this forum and wanted to ask whether one of you guys, who probably has got more skills than me, could do a neat Photoshop edit.

So basically my idea is "Celestial Entity". To darken everything but my hand, flower, and me and make it look like I am some entity floating in the universe between nebulas, observing a creation of something in my palms (ie, flowers). I tagged it under "creative" because apart from this theme I'd be happy to see whatever.

In attachments I put:
  • the original picture I would like to edit (I hope it's decent-ish resolution considering it wasn't taken with a professional camera)
  • Erik - image to be edited.jpg
  • a screenshot from my phone of the PS app I was using
  • silly filters.jpg
  • the image that the filters made me think of (ie, inspiration)
  • inspiration image.jpg
  • something that my friend kinda did but what I would like to expand on or see other ideas
  • idea example 2.jpg
All of these are just so you could kinda see where my mind was kinda going with this. If anyone knows, another thing I thought of was of "Dark Star" skins from League of Legends.
Just to reiterate - apart from the theme of "Galaxies" and "Celestial" I am happy to see any creativity.

As a side note and just in case, the image that is not of me belong to its respective owner and I only used it as a source of inspiration.
Also, this will not be used in any shape or form for monetary reasons. I'm sure I don't have to say this but better safe than sorry.

Kind regards and I hope this works,