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A challenge for anyone interested

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The challenge is to turn a colored liquid into a transparent one.

1 2 3
1.jpg 2.png 3.png

I had to do this for a personal project.
I don't know how hard this is but I struggled a lot to do it and considered asking for help here.
I used the pic nº1 to create pic nº2, and used the pic nº2 to create pic nº3.

The challenge is to recreate the 3rd picture using one of the former.



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This is a fun one.
I took pic 1, did some cloning, and then just used a targeted HSL adjustment on the Magentas to match the liquid colour to the background, making it look transparent.
Here it is, masked out to the shape of the beaker. It is placed over the colour of the original background.
transparent liquid.png
Here is the same result, but I've played with some blend modes, blending ranges (basically like Blend If), and layer duplicates to place it over a sample background. No shadows, distortions, or other adjustments have been added; it's literally just that same result with a background dragged under it.
sample background.png
Additionally, I made a "fully transparent" version that works with the Normal blend mode. It doesn't look as good, but it's far easier to use.

fully transparent on sample background.png

fully transparent version.png
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