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A quick photoshop edit request pls for her birthday


Hi guys..its been years since I visited this forum and honestly been years as well since I edited a picture on Photoshop. It's my girlfriend's birthday and I would like to accompany my surprise for her with 1 of her pictures I took on our recent trip and make it a bit kinda special with the help of you guys.

I am thinking of maybe a beautiful wings attached to her something that will me a match to the background. Or any design you would like to do to make the picture extra special! Thank you guys and more power.

Sorry is not what you ask i was bored and i started experimenting things. There are some sloopy parts but to do it perfect it will require an insane a lot of work. Just in case is enough, here it is.

View attachment 77587


Thanks Argos! Shell definitely be happy to use this as profile for Holloween! Thank you!
Thank you guys shes enjoying it! Happy to see her smile and laugh to the edits you guys made. Hope to get more cool stuffs from the helful guys here. Thank you!