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Specific Add some sky to this model train image


This is a model train image. Could someone replace the white overhead ceiling and the dark cluttered background on the left side with a generic sky? Nothing dramatic, just something to draw the viewer’s attention to the model itself. Perhaps a simple blue sky with or without a cloud or two... but I’ll leave it up you creative types to decide. (Note that the dark area on the right side is actually the underside of a trackside shelter and should remain.)

As secondary items — if you wish: the locomotive will have some highlights from the overhead lights, if you want to attempt to tone done those areas, be my guest. And the gray cinders in the lower left corner could be replaced with clones of the more-sharp ballast... but those are minor items — and I know beggars can’t be choosers — so my primary interest is really in getting a generic sky behind the locomotive.

2022-06-12 12-01-49 (Bl,Radius8,Smoothing4) 50_FULLSIZE.JPG