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Adding a .swf to my picture


New Member
Hi to all

Firstly I would like to say what a great site this is!! Can't keep away from it.

I have just starting using Photoshop two weeks ago and hello to sleepless nights [sleepy] and countless tutorials. One of the things I'm trying to figure out is

Is it possible to add a flash movie to a graphic? The graphic is of a Cyrstal ball and I'm wanting the movie to look like it's playing inside the ball. I might be trying to do things a bit beyond my abilities at present but any suggestions or directions to tutorials that cover this aspect would be appreciated.


Hey first off...
Greetings Lisa!
Welcome to the community. Hope you enjoy your stay. :D

Yes, you probably are trying something a fair bit beyond your current abilities. But that's how we learn, isn't it?

And thirdly...
If you're thinking of or trying to import a flash movie/file into Photoshop, stop right there... that isn't possible. That type of thing is usually done in a program like Flash, or Adobe Premiere.

What you'll need to do is create the crystal ball image, then import that into flash, and make the 2 images work together in that medium. Technically speaking, you'll need to bring the ball image into flash, convert the crystal ball image into a "Symbol", then make it semi-transparent -- by reducing it's "Alpha" level. Then on a layer below that one, import your flash movie that you want to appear inside the ball.

If this all sounds a little too confusing to you right now, then perhaps it's better if you learn a bit more about these things before diving in completely. Less headaches that way. ;)

Hope that clears things up.
Better to be newbie than oldbie!

Hi Lisa --- I join the others in welcoming you.

For future reference, everybody here loves complex problems, however, solutions are easier to find if you give an example of what you are suffering from.

Examples define the problem better and also let helpful psger's know your technical level. In general PS is not a html writer unless you are using Image Maker which can write html slices, rollovers, and animation.

If you use a html writer (like dreamweaver for example), you will find lots of tips on how to import swf files . Just a suggggggestiooon you probably have already considered this 'cause if you are making movies, you are probably net savvy and for some reason decided to try to do it in PS but like Mark says - this is not a possibility

another idea

the other way that it would work is to slice your crystal ball into 5 sections... top 1/5, bottom 1/5, left 1/5, right/1/5, and the center of course.
Then output into html code. in place of the center image put your .swf code.

I can't think of any case where the solution of importing the full image into flash and making the movie a layer on top of the image, but for some reason the simple solutions seem to pass me by sometimes.

Hope it helps.