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adding backgrounds to images with plain white backgrounds


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Hey guys i'am building a tiny websites , its a image heavy website , so alot of images .

now when i made the PSD design of the website , i used images like so :


i used images like the above just to give the client an idea , but when he got back to me he said the images i used were pritty , but he would like his images to be used which all look something like below :


now images like the above are not attactive , obviously to make them attractive you need a good background , so i decide to play around and google some nice backgrounds , i found a image on google for example , this one :


and i sawped the sofa with one of my clients sofa images , like so :


That was pritty simple , now when i tried swapping images which were at an angle , it was a bit of trouble , like so (below image is from google) :


when i tried swapping the dining table , i get the following result :


I post this question for two reason , one is how do i go about swapping objects in an image that are at an angle , ofcourse the new object your adding in should be at a similar angle i guess .

The other reason is , what do you think of this idea of mine so far ? :D :D :D

also what other editing teachniques do you think i can you to make these pale white background images look good . I would appreciate any advice .

Thank you.
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