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Adobe Xchange


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Hello Erik,
you mean the tool kit for Adobe Studio, it allows you to fastly navigate to studio many topics by placing a folder on your hard, just like in the programs folder.

as for the xchange make sure to have an Adobe Id to be able to download whatever you want, its free.



I have an Adobe Id, and a login for the expert center, but I do not like to install whatever on my HDD without knowing what it is, what it does, and why it is indispensable. Why did they come up with this thing? Is it something like MM's extension manager?
Is it a prog?
I have a firewall and anti spyware soft installed, , and nothing gets access to the Net apart from my browser(s) and my e-mail prog (not Outlook Express, the main reason of most virus plagues.

This may sound a bit harsh, but it is certainly not directed against you! I am very glad you posted this link here. But I reproach companies like Adobe that they follow Microsof in trying to do things for you, make things easier, but you have to do them their way, and limit yourelf to their thought-patterns. Which I can't: I want to decide for myself.

One of the things I love in PS is that there are no wizards, no doggies that waggle their tail because they suppose there is a better way to do what you do and you may not find that way yourself.
So why this "thing"? If I can't download jwhat I want, just like that (rightclicking, save target as) after I logged on, then I won't play along.