Am I able to get some small edits on a photo

Hi guys, I'm not sure where to look for photoshop small edits request, I have a photo I have tried to do some photo shop work with but I am on the edge of being completely useless.

if I post the photo, could I have someone do the small edit for me? Thanks.
I've seen several people who have been willing to do small edits over the past few days. Post your picture and see if anyone is interested. At least let people know more specifically what you are trying to do.
Thank you is this the correct place to post said request, or is there a set place in the forums for it?

i have included the picture in this post, I am trying to make a poster.

i have toyed with but literally achieved nothing to the effect I would like.

i was wondering if it would be possible to make the character look as though he has a ball of lightening/energy in his hand hovering slightly above it, this is a STARWARS themed photo, if also it isn't too much trouble I was wondering if a background of any kind of planet could be shown in the background, thank you.

sorry if this seems cheeky but you wold be helping me a lot.

thanks again.


The general photoshop board is the correct place. PS help is for issues with the program itself. I will move your post.

I am sorry, I can't condone trolls, but the first thing that came to mind was having you hold a Raggedy Ann doll! I promise I won't do it. :rofl:

Your request does not sound cheeky. You are very respectful and that is appreciated. We get some people whose requests border on demands, so think noting of it. It's up to our members if they want to do it and many enjoy this kind of thing. Your edit is very simple and you'll find more than Star Wars fans here to help. Maybe someone will take it a step further and give you the right kind of background!
Hahahaha, thank you Ibclare, I'm now actually kind of tempted by the raggedy andy doll edit, but I'm not sure it would "be the poster I'm looking for". Thank you for moving my post, I had a brief look around but I'm on an iPad which I also happen to be useless with.

thank you for your advice and help.
Hi, well, I was intrigued! The background is two different effects I made some time ago which is what inspired me to try. I suspect the globe shape light ball is not quite what you had in mind; it doesn't have the sizzly lightning effect I think you want/ Maybe I'll work on it later. What do you think?

Ibclare, that is actually incredible, really really cool, I'm very happy with that, I can see it working very well with the poster I had in mind,if you want to keep experimenting I'd be very please to keep being amazed by how yoda--powerful you are.

Thank you.
Wow, this is so cool, aargh, it kind of frustrates me that I could just about add words to a photo and you guys can do all this incredible stuff, I like the energy ball, if you could make it a little smaller then that we be good as well, I like the effect with the colouring as well, honestly you've done more than enough but again I'd be happy to see you play about with it more if you would like too, I'm honestly amazed, it's like you we're in my mind when I proposed the edit. Thank you so much.
You guys are way to good at this, the background fire is awesome. I think you all have started enjoying this more than I am lol. Thanks, all of these are great.