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Animation help!


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I am a student at National Film and Television School in London, and we are so close in finalizing our little animation gem at. It is our graduation film, an all hand drawn 2D animation. And it is looking pretty damn good I must say!! :)


We need your help.

We need people who can colour the characters. This is URGENT! How it will be set up, is that we are going to send shots were you will colour a specific character.
The tool you need to use is PHOTOSHOP.
When you are done you send it back to us. Yep, it really is that simple :)

And what do you get in return you might righteously ask. We will give you a DVD of the finished film, you will be fully credited for your work, you will get experience in working with a new animator and you will have fun! (hopefully)

I know the monetary rewards are recession proofed. And I also know that people need money to eat and to get on with their daily life. Therefore we are not asking you to work full time for us if you can't. But if you do have a few hours off in the evenings, or a day or so, please don't hesitate to contact us. You will be remembered! :)

We need you before the 25th of February!