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Animation trouble - help requested



I am in need of some help for Photoshop CS3 animation I have only had Photoshop a few months so im not that good. And this is my first time on this forum.

What I have done is made an animation with 72 layers and 73 animation frames. I have used black text and on a transparent background. While in Photoshop it plays fine but no matter if i export as movie or save as gif all i ever get is a pure black view.

The only exception is when i export using Render Video is i choose render option "premultiplied with white" then when i play the exported .mov i still get a black screen but i can finally see the animation drawn in black with white just behind it.

How do I make the animation or any animation so i can use it as an overlay in a video. I just want the text to show up no background or sometimes would like to add a picture as a background with colored text.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am running Photoshop CS3 not full suite. I also have Photoshop Elements 7 as well as Premiere Elements 7 and multiple video editing programs. I am also running the cursed Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit.

Thanks in Advance