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Another Queen


Retired Moderator
Completely 3D or only the model on a PS background?
I like the light on the model.


Thanks, yes the model is 3d, but only the start, you still have paint over them, yes bg was done in Photoshop, The lighting was both in the 3d app over the model, i had already got the idea and created the lighting on the bg, then added the other elements and adjusted the color balances, then re did the overall lighting. The skin was painted over ( love he mixer bush when doing it ) but i found that creating 3 layers of dark, medium and light skin tones with a mask a better way of doing it, I say i found when relay i meant i found a tutorial on how to do skin on youtube, and adopted that method, it gives a far better result than the just the actual rendered skin. The tutorial if any one wants to know more is from an artist call Shannon Maer. And you see this tutorial here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7cMMFDUkpE