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Anybody have a similar font to this


The name is Chipa Black I am working on redoing a clients Logo and Ibelieve this is the font originally used but sheis not interested in spending the extra $70 or anything for that matter on the font to use it. We are not even 100% sure it is that font. Inever did the original work (and wouldnt have used the font anyway it is a bad design, but as she has already got all her signs and branding done with only a low res jpeg, I have been put to the task of recreating it for her website and vector.)
I think i have a good enough alternative Poplar may be close enough.

What they have already:


And 1st draft at redoing it in vector:

I am sure when I tweak it a bit more it will be good enough. I am not the 1 being paid for the banner design but cant use their version for the work I am doing so have had to recreate it.
meh the quality is not good enough it is really bad trace but its ok it is almost exactly the same now I am sure you will have to hold them next to each other to spot the difference. I am Glorifying a discount store at half the price of my normal rates, I am really not going to worry to much about little inperfections, she is paying for website with artwork provided, not my fault if it isnt good enough is it.