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After Effects Are there any tutorials for couple of effects listed?


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Guys I needed some tutorial to create some effects.

1. I needed to make rose petals falling effects video, is there any specific tutorial for that? But I wanted to add different pictures/video on both the sides of a petal. Also not all petals have same pictures/video. "Pictures and Petals are merged not seperate."

2. I needed a effects which creates rotation of universe behind a pictures. Means assume a picture, behind that picture there is a motion of universe including all our planet moving right to left.

3. Is there any effects where I can crop a particular video specifically like a boy playing with ball. So only that part I can put without background of the video and I can add my different background in special effects? Atleast I can crop the boy playing. Background editing is optional.

If anyone helps me with this, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks Guys.

PN: Firstly, sorry for any grammatical or any brevity. Secondly, if any of above cannot be done in special effects then please guide me in which software I can create such effects?
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