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Asking Questions: a minor ramble



I'm glad to see a few folks playing with my Displace stuff. For the folks new to Displace, I did my best to write for you. Doing my best to take it easy and slowly build. I hope it's working out like that. Well, at least for the foundation pieces in the beginning. Know what I mean?

On a few occassions, I have gotten an e-mail asking about something in my tutorials. For simple things, I don't mind. However, if it's something rather "deep", I'll refer him/her to forums to ask. Either here or at Ozone's Asylum.


Basically time and effectiveness. When it's a deep issue, best to ask where more folks can answer. The more viewpoints and explainations, the better. Plus, I don't have a whole lot of time for indepth tutoring one-on-one via e-mail. I just won't do it (but simple things, I will answer privately).

Another reason is participation. Public questions usually get more people involved that previously weren't. That participation leads to more people being "in the know" and sometimes gets me more feedback that I otherwise wouldn't have gotten. Even though I do my best to write for "mundanes", I do write in a vacuum and end up with some pretty rough edges..

I know some of the folks here and at the Asylum can handle Displace questions. After all the effort that I and Steve have put into edifying people, I have faith in others' ability to answer questions to my satisfaction. (Not meant to sound snobby.)

Wendy and Sue, it's a long journey. I hope your fiddling around here will lead to more people fiddling. It's a cascade effect. I hope to see more of it.

Now, I might be disappearing for awhile. I might be gone for a few weeks or a few months. I don't know just yet. Hopefully everything will go well and I'll be right here looking over your shoulders.

With all that said, I'm left with one piece of advice:

edit: Something tells me that I might have put this in the wrong forum.
Stroker , your in-depth tute/explanation does, indeed, look daunting at first. That why, when I first checked it out I immediately thought "here's one for a rainy day!"

The effects that you can achieve when you know how to play with d-maps, though, are awesome... so here I am, with more work than I can handle right now, wishing it would rain! :D

I'll be sure to post some results when I've got something to show. In the meantime, I'm eating off of paper plates... 8[

[saywhat] Whatever you're up to, whereever you're off to, Stroker, I wish you well and I thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us, thus far!

:) :) :)
Stroker no need to worry I will just work through your site stage by stage or until my brain hurts as I want it to sink in - this could be a really useful tool to learn
I have found some interesting effects and keep going off on tangents all the while putting notes into my psd's I know this makes the file bigger but if I want to redo something and can't remember I can look at the notes on the psd file
will see you when you get back - good luck and I pray your site doesn't go down [oops] he he he
Great stuff Stroker, tyvm for creating that TOC page.
That in itself should help sort a few folks out. ;)

Good stuff then, and if you DO have to take off for awhile, good luck, be safe, and be sure to come back soon.

Onward'n'Upward! [honesty]
yes, the tech slop is very helpful!!!

Don't take too much time off , we need you ;)
Seriously, enjoy it!!!