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Attempt at making a pic by hand

Well, here's my attempt at making a picture by hand in PS.

I used a Yamaha acoustic guitar as a template for the shapes as I'm not artistic with shapes. However, all the detail and texturing were done by hand using the paintbrush, stock plugins and layer styles. No 3rd party plugins or external 3D or otherwise applications. I'm even surprised at how well it turned out. I liked it so much, I made it into my signature. If anyone would like to see the psd file, let me know and I'll e-mail it to you.

Constructive critisizm is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I only made it this big, I don't have the time yet to work on a high detail and larger version. Actually, this picture was inspired by Colin Smith's guitar image. That's what made me want to do it. Thanks for the thumbs up. [excited]


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Awesome. loving the graphic , a bigger version would be cool so we could see the detail better , still great job better than i can do


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Well done. The guitar body/texture is superb. I agree with the earlier comments about wanting to see more detail.
Thank you Moth, I appreciate that. The texture was quite simple in that it was just motion blurred noise. The sheen is just a screen layer with a round gradient from white to black. Much easier than I anticipated.

Okay, I get the point, bigger and more detail! :D Sheesh! lol
Bigger Image! More Detail!


Bigger Image! More Detail!


Bigger Image! More Detail!

(Is there an echo in here?)

Well shoot, binsurf, I think it looks great! The only thing I'd like to see is a bigger image and more detail!

:rofl: ;) :perfect:
Welles, don't hold back, now, how do you really feel? :rofl: Thanks. I'm working on that. I'm not a seasoned artist, so these things come slowly. I've updated this image though. I gave it a drop shadow and tried to soften the lines on the body. Let me know what ya think.

Also, if you want to check out the source file, here it is too;


The edges of the guitar look jagged [confused] .....I hate jaggidys. The one below your signature looks nice, but the antialising on the bigger image looks jagged. Did you try to blow it up?
Okay, here's an update;

I've done everything I could to get rid of the "jaggedies", so let me know if this is acceptable. Short of starting all over again, I think it's pretty good. I used a separate layer for the outline and ctrl-clicked the body layer for the selection. Then, I smoothed the selection twice by 2 pixels and feathered once by 1 pixel. Finally, I stroked the selection by 1 pixel in the center. Overkill? \:] The problem is that the line around the body needs to be darker. Suggestions?
:perfect: Great work! Another thing you could try if jagged spots still show up here and there is just touch the spot lightly with the blur tool to take care of those individual places without affecting the entire image -- likewise you can hit spots with the sharpen tool if something gets too blurred. Make a copy of the pic on another layer to experiment with.

For darkening an area try the burn tool set for a subtle amount and use an airbrush (I like the #300 set to a small size for the exact area).
Okay, here's another attempt at cleaning it up. I used a gblur of 0.8 to "antialias" the edges. Not the best result, but it's getting there.