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Automation Possible?


....Stitching together multiple screenshots lineahttps://www.photoshopgurus.com/forum/threadrly (without Pano effect of any kind).

I like to build maps of the major sightseeing places in major cities I'm going to be visiting in the near future.
What I've been doing is taking screenshots of MyMaps (Google), then aligning all of the screenshots in a column, then will do the next column (pane by pane....or should I say, pain by pain), and so on. It takes a LOT of time to line up so many screenshots/panes, so I'm trying to figure/find out if PS, with all of the sorcery it possesses, can automate the process for me (ie: figure it out/do it by itself).
Is PS smart enough to compile/align "X" amount of sequential photos, linearly (either top-to-bottom in a column, or side-to-side horizontally), by comparing the edge pixels of each picture/screenshot in the series, and then syncing them up so that, say, 7 photos now look like 1 big photo (much like a Pano, but without any distortion/skew/change in perspective)?


To be honest I don't know. Adobe Photoshop has a lot of features and maybe with some work you could manage to do that. You could do the following though: use the crop tool to increase the size of the page and subsequently add each image one by one, paying attention to the size of each image when you continue the crop.